World Cruises

Have You Considered Going on a World Cruise?

How much of the WORLD have you seen?

Do you have a list of places you still want to visit?

Princess CruisesWhat if you could get on in Florida, cruise around the world and come back to Florida?  Unpack once, someone makes your bed, cleans your room, cooks your meals, fixes your favorite drinks and all with a happy smile.  You don’t have to drive, worry about languages, directions, where to stay, what to eat or what to see while there.  Does this sound wonderful?

Which Cruise Lines Go World Wide?

World CruiseThere are 3 cruise lines doing WORLD cruises in January, 2017.  Holland America has 111 days, Oceania has 180 days and Princess has 111 days.  All 3 cruises are on smaller vessels.  The cabin selection is open right now, but won’t be for long.  These cruises sell fast.  Some people have done more than one.

Oceania CruiseCall me NOW to get you booked.  The prices are from $153 per person double occupancy per night for an inside cabin to $450 per person double occupancy per night for a suite.  Some have added amenities that make them a great value.

As always, you can expect great food and great entertainment for your entire cruise.

So, if you have the time and want to see the world with ease, Contact me to book this amazing adventure.

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