Why Travel Insurance?

Why is Travel Insurance Important?

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No matter what kind of a trip, how you book it  or how far from home you are traveling, you must consider the “what if” and prepare.

That is why you should buy travel insurance, it’s the what ifs that can ruin your trip.

There are many companies selling travel insurance and/or medical travel insurance.  I use  Travel Guard and Travelex.  Why?  Because they take good care of my clients when a need arises.  This is the reason for buying insurance.  It doesn’t matter how big the trip is, a lot of issues can mess up a trip.  These companies are 24/7 to get you where you need to be.

This insurance isn’t for me, it IS for YOU!

Any insurance you have may or may not work where you are going.  You need to call your provider and see what your coverage is when you are away from home and compare it to the Travel Guard & Travelex coverages.  Your policy may cover medical, but will it get your money back from a prepaid trip or arrange air transportation?

Never, Never, Never (did I say never?) buy insurance from the cruise line or tour company.

Always, Always, Always buy from an outside source.  Why?  Because if the company (cruise line, tour operator, etc) should have financial problems, you are not covered.  Besides, their insurance generally has less coverage benefits.

Medical is only one part of the coverage.

Here are the basic coverages:

  • Trip Cost Protection:  Cancellation, Interruption, Missed connection and Travel delay.
    • There are different levels of protection for each of these.
    • If your trip is to a remote place, you will need the highest protection you can get.
    • However, if it is an easy trip to a basic destination such as Europe, probably the least expensive will work.
  • Medical Protection:  Emergency Medical and Dental and Emergency Medical Transportation and Travel Accident.
    • In the last 5 years, my clients have had to use this a lot.
    • There are so many strange diseases out there and the air quality in airplanes is horrible.
  • Baggage Protection:  Baggage Loss/Damage and Baggage Delay and Electronics/Sporting Goods.   For some reason, bags tend to go their own way at airports and you may or may not ever see them again.
    • Many cruise passengers wind up the whole trip without their luggage.
    •  Travel Insurance for Car Rental - Cruise and Tour PlannersThis can be devastating or you can roll with it and have a good time anyway.
    • Always pack a change of clothes in your carry-on in case this happens.
  • Rental Car Protection: 24 Hour Hotline Help, Cruise Only coverage, Group Travel Assurance and Concierge Service and an International Destination Website

As a Certified Travel professional, I can recommend the best plan for your travel.

Reporting an incident

Should you be on your trip and need to report an incident, here is what you need before making the call:

  • Your policy number
  • Names of people needing assistance
  • Where you are calling from
  • Time Zone where you are
  • Who you are talking to
  • What time it is where you are calling to
  • What the problem is
  • Detailed information that the insurance company person tells you.  You might need to call back a 2nd time just to make sure you understand correctly.  Every call is recorded and should you need to prove your side, you need all this information.
  • Be sure to write down what you are told.

The main thing is, you need insurance.

I have way too many stories of families and friends trying to raise money to get people home after an accident.  Don’t become another “story”.  Travel with peace of mind having your trip covered.

If you’re ready to book a cruise or any vacation – give me a call.

I’ll do all the research for you and make all of your travel plans.


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