Traveling With Kids

Do Your Travel Plans Include Your Kids?

Travel with your kids to Rome - Cruise and Tour Planners


Traveling with your kids on vacation can be amazing. Kid friendly travel is all over the world.  Give your children and grandchildren memories for a lifetime.

There are cruise ships galore to explore and enjoy.  Some have activities and attendants from 6 months through the teen years.  Every kind of rooms and “hang outs” to fit all ages and interests.

Check the kids in and have some “adult time” in the areas for adults only.  When it is time to go into port, book a tour that will give the kids a history of the places they are visiting.

Vacation in the Caribbean

Travel to Beach Resorts with your Kids - Cruise and Tour Planners

Beaches Resort

Besides being cruising ports, the Caribbean has many land resorts with activities for all ages.

  • Atlantis in the Bahamas is the most well known.
  • How about some other islands such as Turks & Caicos with an All Inclusive Beaches resort?
  • Other islands are Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Nevis and the US Virgin Islands

They all have great places for kids.  Warm weather, sandy beaches and beautiful water are a big draw.  Book early, they fill up fast.

How about Mexico and beyond?  

Cancun and Cozumel have several places for entertainment as well as learning history.  The West Coast at Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas offer much sea life to explore.

Israel is an amazing travel experience - Cruise and Tour Planners


Not far away is Costa Rica and Belize with water sports, jungle and volcanoes to learn about.

Now go further to Europe.  Do you have Family Roots there?  Explore your heritage and give the kids some amazing discoveries.

Asia is not to be missed for families, too.  Then take the whole family to Israel, whatever your faith.  It is a wonderful time to see the old sites that make Biblical teachings more relevant.

Let the kids help with the planning, pre-trip learning and decision making.  The more involved, the happier they will be when they arrive.

Start them young and they will be travelers for life.  

Talk to me about your dreams and options.


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