Travel With Kids Tips

Tips To Enjoy And Survive Traveling With Kids

TravelingWithKids-CruiseAndTourPlannersPeople are starting to travel again, which means it’s time for family vacation. You’re taking your children, so will it really be a vacation or will it be a challenge?

There’s no doubt, traveling with children can be a real challenge, but it can also be the best experience and family time ever, wonderful memories can be made and family relationships can be built…it all depends on how well you are prepared – preparation and planning is everything! It will keep your kids happy and keep you sane.

Travel Tips for Safety, Fun and Sanity

Begin your preparation by choosing a destination that is kid-friendly, but not necessarily limited just for kids. When you’re deciding where you should vacation…

  • consider family interests
  • the amount of time you have
  • your  budget
  • choose 2-3 destinations that would be appropriate and if your children are old enough, bring them in on the decision making

Tips for flying with kids

FlyingWithKids-CruiseAndTourPlannersFlying can be a frustrating experience for adults, but it can be extremely frustrating if you’re traveling with a small child. They don’t like to stay in one place for extended periods of time, they don’t like to “be quiet”, they don’t like that their ears pop when there are changes in the air pressure, they don’t like it when you fly through a little turbulence, etc.

  • There are two schools of thought about booking flights – choose the one that fits your child’s personality best:
    • Book for early morning departure – you’ve had to get up early to get to the airport on time, so most likely your child will want to nap.
    • Book for evening departure – it’s been a long day, kids are tired, the lights on the plane will be out, most likely your child will sleep. (Try to avoid late night transfers or layovers.)
  • Don’t book first class if you’re traveling with children, you will not be popular with other first travelers if your toddler is rambunctious or your baby cries the whole time. Save first class flights for when you can really enjoy them.
  • Bring treats and surprises to delight your child when the novelty of flying has worn off.
    • Make the treats low in sugar, to help keep your child more low-key.
    • For children who are old enough, bring gum or something for your child to chew and swallow to help with air pressure changes.
    • Good ideas to bring for surprises or activities are crayons and paper or a coloring book, an electronic device with games, movies or activities, children’s headphones, story books.
  • Bring comfort items for small children, a small stuffed animal, a pacifier or a favorite blanket.
  • Check with your airline on what their face mask policy is for children.
  • Pack sanitizing wipes to clean up spills or sticky faces and fingers.
  • Consider getting an airplane harness rather than drag a car seat around.
  • MOST IMPORTANT of all…get to the airport early, no one can hurry through a crowded airport, if your late, dragging kids and bags.

Travel safety tips for kids

  • ChildrensSuitcase-CruiseAndTourPlannersAvoid personalizing your child’s luggage or clothing with their names on them.
  • Make sure your child, (if he/she is old enough), knows their last name, their mom or dad’s name, a parent’s cell phone number or their home address.
  • Have either an identification card (laminated is best) with the contact information for their parents in your child’s pocket or pinned somewhere on their clothing, or an ID bracelet with their name and emergency contact phone number.
  • Never let your young children go into a restroom alone.

Tips for a road trip with kids

  • FamilyRoadTrip-CruiseAndTourPlannersHave older kids, who can write, keep a travel diary.
  • Pack a surprise grab bag for each child that contains such things as cards, books, stickers, activity books, little treats…things your children would enjoy discovering.
  • Listen to audio books or watch favorite movies while traveling – electronic devices are so great for road trips.
  • Bring neck pillows for comfortable naps.
  • Make “pit stops” where kids can run around a little, see something new or get a snack.

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