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Why Travel To A Beach in Washington State?

WashingtonBeaches-CruiseandTourPlannersNot all beaches are created equal…

  • some are sunny, some are not
  • some are sandy, some are not
  • some are crowded, some are not
  • some have great beach combing, some do not

But where there’s a beach, there’s fun and entertainment to be enjoyed.

I love the beach experience…

There are many kinds of beaches in the world and many kinds of weather to go with those beaches.

I have dug my toes into the powdered-sugar sand of the Gulf of Mexico beaches in Cancun and Mexican Riviera. I’ve been on rough sandy shores in Fiji. I’ve seen rocky-sandy beaches in Europe. I’ve gotten 2nd degree burns on the beach in Southern California. But in the State of Washington, we have hard-packed beaches you can drive on. The sand is gray and, well, sandy.

Take a trip to the beach at Ocean Shores, Washington

From Seattle it is about 3-3 1/2 hours to Ocean Shores, a seaside town on the Pacific coast of Washington. Known for its wind, you will see kite flying most of the time. A few brave souls wade into the surf with accompanying squeals as the cold Pacific Ocean freezes your toes. But, we love our beach and beach-side towns. Some great hotels and condos with indoor pools and fitness centers. Not a large number of restaurants, but enough that you don’t go hungry.

WashingtonBeachLighthouse-CruiseandTourPlannersWhat we like to do is get a suite hotel or condo and bring some snacks.  We don’t actually “cook”, but microwaving is easy.  Bring your own dishes if you are in a hotel suite, but condos usually have cooking supplies. We had a suite at the Best Western Lighthouse Inn.  The room is huge and very comfortable. The restaurant is OK. But the big draw is the location. The only property closest to the water and no dunes to block the view. Great pool and OK fitness center. Free Wifi and continental breakfast.

We had and enjoyable weekend with our granddaughter Katie (pictured above).  She loves going to the ocean with Grandpa and Grandma. We are good for a few laughs.  The horses on the beach were gone, but the mopeds were there. It is kind of a “wild” area with deer everywhere in the sand dunes.

Visit Washington’s beach towns especially in the winter when the storms are raging. It can be an amazing experience!

If you would like to have a different beach experience, Contact me, I will help you plan a memorable trip!

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