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Packing Tips to Make Your Travel Better

Travel Tips from a Pro - Cruise and Tour Planner

It’s time to pack, call the Butler!

What??  You don’t have a Butler?  Neither do I.

So let me share a few ideas I have learned as traveler.  And if you want to share your tips, please do so.

What to pack in addition to clothes

  • Bottled water.  Take 3 or 4 bottles with you in your packed luggage. This will tide you over until you can find a local source.
  • 3 oz. paper cups, use with bottled water for brushing teeth.
    • No matter how SAFE the location, don’t trust the water.
    • If you mistakenly wash your tooth brush under a faucet, throw it away.  A tiny sip of bad water can ruin a trip.
  • Small umbrella.  For rain?  No, for a door on a bathroom that doesn’t have one.
  • Rain ponchos for rain.  The less you carry on your shoulder, the less pain.
  • Money pouch or wallet with strap to go under your clothes.
    • Never put valuables in a back pack or bag over your shoulder.
    • You make it an easy target for fast fingers.
  • Make copies of every document you take – credit cards, passports, medical cards, etc.
    • Take one set and leave a set at home with someone.
  • Red eye flights.  Those airline pillows are worthless.
    • Take an old down pillow, cut it in half and take it in your carry on for a good night sleep.
  • Eagle Creek cubes, half cubes and quarter cubes are the best for corralling groups of things.
  • Electronic charges and cords
  • Travel Tips - Cruise and Tour PlannersMedicines and vitamins
  • Mosquito repellent and sun screen
  • Shaving gear
  • Socks, underwear and a multitude of other items that tend to get scattered all over the suitcase.
  • Eagle Creek dress shirt packing folders.
    • Keeps shirts and blouses folded.”Pack it” compression bags.
  • Put that down pillow in one, roll it up and squish the air out to put it in your carry on.
    • Also good for underwear, sweaters, sweatshirts and any other bulky things that can be wrinkled and still usable.
  • Syringes.  In some countries, needing a shot can give you a concern.  So take your own in a paper towel roll and tape shut the ends.

Those should give you some ideas.  Do I ever get packed right?  No, but maybe someday!!!

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