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Can You Talk Travel? Understanding Travel Terminology

SpeaktheLanguageofTravel-CruiseandtourPlannersDo you speak more than one language?

Being bilingual is so important in today’s world.

But whether you speak one language or several, unless you speak “travel” you will still feel lost, or even worse…be lost when you’re on a trip.

Knowing the terminology of travel can keep you from being in the wrong city, wrong hotel room, wrong cruise ship destination and a lot of other things that can go wrong.

Bridge the travel language…

Airport terminology:  Many cities have airport codes that are similar – SAN, SNA, SJU, SJC.  And many cities have more than one airport – ORD, MDW.  Make sure you have the right city code and airport.  Sometimes you have to change airports when you do your connection.  Maybe a different carrier would prevent this change.

Airline terminology:  This has gotten kind of blurred in the last few years.  A non stop means just that – no stops between your start and stop.  Direct means 1 or more stops sometimes without changing planes.  Connect means just that, changing planes.  When looking for flights, the less connections the better.  The more connections, the cheaper the fare.  And give yourself plenty of time to change flights and concourses.

TravelRooms-CruiseandTourPlannersHotel terminology:  A double is 2 people in the room, but then you need to specify 1 or 2  beds.  A single is 1 person in the room and specify a bed size.  Fire codes dictate how many bodies can be in a room.  Don’t hide people at check in and expect to add 4 more people to your room.

CruiseShipPlan-CruiseandTourPlannersCruise line terminology:  There is a lot of terminology booking a cruise.  Fore, aft, port, starboard and mid ship.  Depending on your itinerary is where you want your cabin.  Open ocean dictates mid ship.  If that doesn’t work, go aft . Fore is the least desirable and usually what is left closest to departure.  Then the decks are important.  Pick a cabin deck between other cabin decks.  Not over the casino or show lounge for quieter evening.  Not under a lido deck where the carts will wake you at 2 AM.  If the ship is older, you can hear the anchor if you are in the aft of the ship.  Read deck plans carefully or talk to a professional – me.

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