Travel Sales

Are Sales on Travel as Good as They Sound?

TravelSales-CruiseadTourPlannersDoes advertising help you make decisions in your daily life?

Do you know there are many companies analyzing your personal buying and life habits?

Are you ok with this scrutiny?

Does the girl in the slinky black dress impress you to buy a certain car?   Maybe looking under the hood of the car and checking recent recalls would be a better way to research.

Does the layout of a house help you make a decision on your next purchase?  Do you think about what walls could be removed or moved to create the layout you want?  Maybe the choice of a safe neighborhood would be a better decision.

What kind of sale motivates you?

Does the placement of food on the shelves influence your brand selection at the grocery store?  There is a method to placement of brands on store shelves based on the demographics of the buyers at that location.

Do endorsements by celebrities of political candidates make your voting decisions?  Checking the candidates voting records and character would be a better way to decide your voting.

HotelRoomSale-CruiseandTourPlannersDo beautiful hotel room photos impress you to book a room there?  Some hotels stage rooms for photo shoots and the room you book may not look anything like that.

Do multitude of mailings for certain ways of travel make you feel that is the best for you?  Maybe that cruise line isn’t the best one for you.  Maybe the price advertised isn’t the whole story.  Just maybe you need a professional to help make that decision.

Are all sales “smoke and mirrors”?

We are a nation moved by emotions and as years go by, it seems to get more pronounced.  I remember when I was a child there were 2 white sales a year and 1 back to school sale.  Now you can find sales every day of the year for everything you want.  Having worked in retail for 18 years, I got to see the way these prices were manipulated to make you “think” this was the “best sale of the year”.

It’s the same thing in the travel industry, things are not always as they seem, advertised trips may not always be the ideal for you and travel sales are not always the best deal…

Bring me your ideas,  I am a travel professional, and together we will make your travel dreams a reality the best way for you.


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