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Why Using a Travel Agent is the Best Form of Travel Preparation

Good preparation is a must, it should be your first priority before you travel…

No one wants to think about unhappy things that could go wrong on a trip.  However, life happens, and the reality is that you can’t guarantee a seamless trip at any time, no matter how you book it. So, how can you prepare to be better prepared?

Here are 2 issues that occurred recently that show what can happen and how good preparation could have, or did, help the challenges get handled in the best way possible.

Travel Problem #1

A client booked an airline ticket on Orbitz.  This was over a holiday, and after arriving they decided to come home early. They could not change the ticket on the carrier’s website because it had been booked with Orbitz online.

Now this is true no matter who you book with.  You must always go back to the original place you booked.  To change the ticket through Orbitz would not happen because the phone lines had a long wait and the flight would be long gone.

So their last choice was to buy a one way ticket on another carrier who was leaving in a hour. This was the choice taken.

Here is how I could have helped…

Going back to the beginning of the booking process, if this ticket had been booked on my site, you would have a live person for back up, me, who could help change your ticket and deal with any possible emergencies.

Travel Problem #2

The next issue was a family who went to Fiji.

There were 2 children with Mom & Dad.  One of the children got an ear infection and was in severe pain.

Fortunately for them, they booked the trip with me and I had included travel insurance…(this is just good travel planning and preparation!)

Here are the issues this family encountered and how they were resolved:

  • TravelEmergencies-CruiseandTourPlannersThey were on an island, they had the local doctor look at the ear and give the child medication, which did not help.
  • The family then had to cut their trip short and head for Nadi to find another doctor.
  • The big problem is that the flights out of Fiji coming home are only 3 times a week.  So, they had to stay in a hotel until they could get a flight out.
  • To change the airline tickets was going to be expensive, but travel insurance covered that.

What a relief to know that although there were many expenses, the client had coverage! Travel Agent to the rescue!

Never book your trip without a travel agent to help you from beginning to end.

You never know when you might need that warm hand to guide you through a travel emergency.

If your trip is in the planning stages…

Prepare well,

Call or email me now

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