Travel Planning

How Good are Your Travel Planning Skills?

Planning for Your Trip Includes More Than Your Itinerary!

Dreaming of your future trip and its itinerary?  Here are some things you may not have thought of.

Airline exit door

Airline exit door


  • When waiting for your flight, be aware of those around you.
  • If you want to nap, hook the strap of your suitcase around your ankle or wrist.
  • Watch for unattended bags and report them.
  • Watch the passengers getting on the plane and if some seem nervous, tell the flight attendant.
  • After boarding the plane, count the rows to your nearest exit – maybe even behind you.
  • Listen to the flight attendant’s instructions and know how to open the door

Plan for Safety


Fire hose cabinet

Fire hose cabinet

  • Check the hallway on the way to your room.
  • Is there a fire extinguisher and hose in a cabinet close by? 
    • Check to see how to get into the cabinet. 
    • Do you open the door or break the glass? 
    • Follow this link to give you instructions on how to use an extinguisher. 
  • Check the route to the nearest stairway in case of fire.  You will not be able to use the elevators. 
  • In case of a disabled person, request a low floor room so they can be easily evacuated.


  • Make sure you have the name and local phone number to the rental company, day or night,  in case of a car fire or accident.
  • Keep your cell phone charged.
  • Ask the rental company about having a fire extinguisher in the trunk.
Cruise ship lifeboats

Cruise ship safety


If you are a frequent cruiser, you are probably tempted to “zone out” during the life boat drill.  But there have been many times when this information is critical to your safety.

  • Listen carefully, it could save your life and those of your companions.
  • Be sure you know where your life boat is located.  There could be a stampede and you would be confused.

Travel with Confidence


Be sure to cover your trip with travel insurance.  There are many companies offering coverage.  Travelex is the international company that offers coverage for many different travel situations.  Call me to help choose the correct policy for your trip.

For the best personal service for any trip, contact Sharon who will find you the best value for your travel dollar.

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