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How to Turn Travel Planning Concerns Into Travel Planning Solutions

TravelAgentProblems-CruiseandTouPlannersHave you ever lived in close proximity to wild animals?  The kind who eat meat?

Suddenly we find a pack of coyotes living in our neighborhood of a metropolitan city.  They are being seen walking up on people’s porches, digging under fences, walking down the heavily traveled streets and calling to each other all night long. We hear of chickens and cats disappearing and Moms are afraid to let their children outside.  Having lived in my house for over 40 years, we have never had this problem before.

Does the travel industry remind you of the “wild”?

This situation makes me think of the travel industry.  Everywhere you look you are being overwhelmed with new sites to book your travel.  Seems like the whole world wants your travel dollars.  These advertisements are invading your life on TV, computers, cell phones and every device you own.  Just like the coyotes want to eat your animals, these travel providers want to eat your resources for travel.

TravelIndustryTheft-CruiseandTourPlannersCan you trust what you see?  Are their offers legitimate?  What happens if you put your credit card number on one of these sites?  Are you overwhelmed by the amount of options for hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise ships and all other vacation experiences?

Unlike trying to get rid of our coyote problem, which no one has the answer for, there is a way to solve your travel planning problems.  I am the warm hand you hold from the beginning of your trip till you get home.  Even if it is just an airline ticket or a hotel room, I can help you find the best value for your travel dollar.

Contact me… I am an email or phone call away.

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