Travel On A Budget

Tips To Help You Travel More Using A Budget

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey

TravelBudget-CruiseAndTourPlannersDo you love to travel?

Do you want to travel more?

What’s holding you back? Is it money?

Many people would like to do more traveling, but the idea that travel is too expensive often keeps them from doing so. But it doesn’t have to, you can enjoy your travel adventures while making your money stretch with a budget. Few of us like the word or the idea of budgeting, it seems so restrictive…but if it means opening up your world to new travels, it’s worth it.

Travel Budget Tips

Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard, boring, or painful, make it a game to see how well you can tell your money what to do for you, and have fun travels. Start with these tips, you’ll soon be coming up with some ideas of your own…

  1. Plan ahead: The sooner you book your tickets and reservations the better. Oftentimes by booking early you can get in on some early bird specials.
  2. Travel off-peak: Traveling during peak travel seasons can be more expensive, not to mention the larger crowds. Typically, holidays, summer and spring, are the times that are considered peak.
  3. Avoid checking your bags: Whenever possible use bags that can be carried on and stowed in the overhead compartment of the plane to avoid the checked bag fees, which usually start at $25 per bag. Watch for the airlines that offer the 1st checked bag for no charge, especially if you really need to carry large luggage.
  4. Avoid eating out: It can get expensive eating out at restaurants for every meal. Visit the local grocery store and pick up food that you can “picnic” with, or eat in your room. Try to book hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts. Avoid the touristy eateries and restaurants, find where the locals eat…it can be less expensive as well as being a fun adventure.
  5. DailyTravelBudget-CruiseAndTourSpecialsSet a daily budget (There’s that word again!): You don’t want to spend too much, and you definitely don’t want to run out of money. When you are in the planning stages of your travel, decide how much money you want to spend daily, stick to it, and check it daily. You might even find you spend less than you have planned for – BONUS!
  6. Be careful with your plastic: People like to use credit or debit cards when they travel to avoid carrying a lot of cash around…it doesn’t feel like you’re using real money when you pull that card out, but it will feel like real money when you get the statement in the mail. It can throw your budget way off, so keep track of those purchases and expenditures.
  7. Take an empty credit card: You never know when you might have to buy a plane ticket or stay an extra night in a hotel. Many unexpected things can happen, and too often people don’t have money in available to cover their needs. I’ll never forget one of my clients who was stuck in Tahiti when their plane didn’t arrive to take them home. Scores of people had spent all their money and were crying at the airport because they couldn’t afford a ticket home.
    1. Trip insurance will help with these times, also, if the dates are included. I always add an extra day when buying insurance for a client. You never know when an earthquake, typhoon, volcano or whatever will come to town and you need to stay overnight.
  8. Carry your own water bottle: Purchasing soda and bottled water can become quite expensive. Just be sure that wherever you are travelling the water you use to refill is safe.
  9. Travel souvenir light: It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and go overboard buying souvenirs…yes, it’s fun, but it can get expensive and many of the things we “need” feel unnecessary when we get home. Set a small budget for souvenirs and choose wisely. Take lots of pictures, using your phone’s camera is free, and the photos will hold many memories.
  10. Plan with your Travel Agent: Your travel agent has a wealth of travel knowledge; knows how to get the best deals, knows the best times to travel, and knows how to help you save money so you can travel more frequently.

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