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Do You Tip in Appreciation for Service When You Travel?

Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour PlannersThe travel industry has been founded on showing appreciation for the service the traveler receives.

Most of the employees in the travel service industry are paid minimum wages and depend on tipping by the travelers to make a living wage.  In the cruise and hotel industry, the majority of those employees are from non US countries and support families in their own countries.

How does a traveler determine the amount to tip?

Let’s begin with the departure for a trip.  Taking a method of transportation from your home begins with your own car or public transportation.  The typical tip to the driver of any public transportation is $1 per bag, if they are assisting you with your luggage.  If your bags are quite large or heavy, an extra dollar is advisable for the service.

Black Bag - Cruise and Tour PlannersArrival at your hotel or resort by a shuttle vehicle is another $1 per bag.  If you have a bell hop take your bags to your room and you have more than 1 bag per person, $5 is customary, especially if he tells you about the room and the hotel service.  If he just delivers the bags, then $1 per bag is fine.  If you valet park you car, every time it comes from parking and goes back, $2 is customary.

Appreciation During Your Stay

Daily maid service at your accommodation deserves a tip.  If you have 1 bed, $1 per person is good.  If you have 2 beds or more than 2 people to the room, $2 per person is recommended.  Remember the pile of towels and messy beds that these people clean up for you.  Do these tips daily as the service people change shifts.

When on a tour with a driver and guide, the recommendation is $2 per person per day for a driver and $3 per person per day for the guide.  These are for 1/2 day tours.  If the tour is a full day and going between cities, you can increase that amount based on the information received or instructions in your documents.  Most of the time the baggage handling fee is included in your price of the tour.  However, room maintenance is not.

Have you ever tipped your flight attendants?  We did one time recently when she had given us exceptional service, and she was astonished.  Oh yes, they make more than minimum wages, but just a show of gratitude is wonderful for you and them.

Another one is the cleaning person in the airport restrooms.  They are generally minimum wage people and have families to support.

Above all else, generosity makes you feel great and puts a smile on your service provider’s face.  On every trip I take about $30 in $1 USD for tipping.  You can blow through that fast, so on a trip longer than a week, more might be needed.

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