Train Rides to Adventure

Let’s Take a Train Ride to Adventure in North America

Some train travel is for long distances, some are for short trips of a few hours, and some are “hop on and off” to see interesting places.

Alaska Railroad

ALASKA:  The Alaska Railroad has changed a lot in the past few years.    The tracks are the same and the stops are the same, but the cars are upgraded.

All the way from Whittier or Seward on the coast to Fairbanks, it is an amazing adventure.  Spectacular scenery, warm and wonderful people, wild game viewing, and lots of stops along the way.  Several of the cruise lines have cars attached to this long train along with the Alaska Railroad cars.

Package this trip with stops at some wonderful sights such as the capital of Anchorage, the city of Wasilla, the village of Talkeetna and most of all Denali National Park.

CANADA:  Via Rail is the Coast to Coast train across Canada.  From the beautiful city of Vancouver to the east coast town of Halifax.  Get a coachette and stay on the train for the full time or put together a package that stops along the way at Jasper and the Columbia ice fields, Niagara Falls and Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.

Rocky Mountaineer is a private train company doing several different routes from Vancouver to Calgary of 3-12 night packages.  Combine these with Via Rail to cover the whole country of Canada.

LOWER 48 STATES:  Amtrak has upgraded many of her trains and routes to give you a wonderful relaxing way to see the USA.  They have included package stops in many cities allowing you to sightsee along the way.  Hop off and stay a few days at cities that are interesting to you.

Fall Foliage

In addition to Amtrak, round trip Boston on New England’s Fall Foliage Express takes you to the color of the Northeast.  You stop in charming towns such as Kennebunkport, North Conway, Franconia Notch, Stowe, Mystic Seaport, Newport, and Cape Cod.  Spend a few days before or after in Boston.

Other train adventures…

  • Through the Canyonlands from Salt Lake to Albuquerque
  • Trains across Scenic Colorado round trip Denver
  • Scenic Trains of California
  • Rail to Glacier Park round trip Seattle
  • Texas Gold Express out of San Antonio to name a few.

Many cities have local trains that are narrow gauge or otherwise that are great day trips.  Don’t forget to collect your narrow gauge collector pins.  Some serve dinners and have mystery shows as you go along.

Why Choose Train Travel?

Americabyrail is a wonderful company providing train tour packages all over the US.  Train travel is a very easy way to avoid crowded highways and gives you a tour guide with information about every place you visit.

With comfortable sleeping compartments that turn into a sitting room in the daytime, delicious dining, comfortable lounge cars and the ability to walk around during the trip, train travel is an easy way to see North America.  Many times you can catch a train not far from your home and with connections see the whole country.

TrainRide-CruiseandTourPlannersI well remember my first train ride at about 3 years old going from my hometown of Boise to Los Angeles.  My sister was sick and I kept running to the water bottle to get her a drink.  I remember the conductor asking me what I was doing.  It must have scared me because it made a vivid impression on me.  I also remember having to use the bathrooms and being able to see the tracks through the toilet.

Things are much different now, thankfully!

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***Originally published 6/30/12

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