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LighthousesofAmerica-CruiseandtourPlannerFor many hundred years the lighthouse has been a welcome and comforting sight for mariners who were looking for a port or trying to navigate through treacherous channels and shoals (sandbanks or sandbars, that create shallow water). They are an extremely important part of history, they are beautiful and fascinating, and even with the advent of GPS and other navigational instruments, most are still useful, lit, and guiding ships to safety.

Why do people love lighthouses?

The answer to that is different for each person…

  • RemoteLighthouse-CruiseAndTourPlannersSome identify with the history…the nostalgia of the past.
  • Some love the architecture.
  • Some love the location…at the dramatic edge of land next to the sea.
  • Some enjoy the remoteness of their location.
  • Some like the romantic idea of a lone ship in the night, watching for that beacon of hope.
  • For some they give a feeling of security, like coming home late at night, and the porch light is on.
  • Some just like to climb to the top.

No matter why you love lighthouses, your next vacation should be to visit one or more of America’s beautiful sentinels of strength, guidance and safety.

Where to begin your lighthouse tour…

BrewsterIslandLighthouse-CruiseandTourPlannersMaybe you’d like to begin your tour at the first lighthouse built in the United States. It was built on Little Brewster Island in Boston, and although it was destroyed during the Revolutionary War, it was rebuilt and continues to stand today.

The nice thing about touring lighthouses is they are located throughout the United States, they can be found up down and the west coast, the east coast and many places in between, such as The Great Lakes, Hawaii, several locations in Michigan, The Hearst Castle in California and the Hudson River to name a few.

AmericasLighthouses-CruiseandTourPlannersThere are even a few lighthouses you can actually sleep in the keeper’s house…what a fun experience!

One mother and daughter that I know took two weeks and traveled down the west coast and stopped at as many lighthouses as they could. This was a trip they would both remember for a very long time.

Touring our country’s lighthouses would be a great family vacation, it would be a wonderful way to get your kids out of the house, give them a feeling of our country’s history, and teach them about “the land before digital”.

Are you ready to start planning? Contact me or call me at 206-367-7657, I can help you plan and book a vacation that will turn out to be one of your very favorites.

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