Time to Travel – Part 2

I Have a Dream That It’s Time to Travel

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Travel the World

It’s great that you are dreaming about travel, but until you begin the planning phase, it will remain a dream.

If it’s your time to travel, start by asking yourself some very important questions:

Where do I want to go?

Get a nice big map of the world.  Try to visualize the distances you are considering.

If this is a new destination for you, make a plan taking small bites, thinking you may not come back again.  Then do a thorough tour of the area.

Or do you just want “notches in your belt” for having stopped in a city or destination and the sites are not important, in which case you can go as far as your time and money permits.

Consider the type of trip you’re planning

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    Vacation at the Beach

    Family trip?  Consider the ages and how much information they can handle.  A vacation at a beach is easier on younger people than a tour of a country.

  • Group trip?  Church, organization or club trip needing a tour bus and a guide?
  • Couple trip?  Sun, sand and surf or skiing.
  • Heritage research?  Where are your ancestors from and how did they come to your country?

How will you travel?

Whether you think so or not, you DO need some professional assistance.  Even the simplest of trips needs someone who knows and understands the travel process.  Without a travel professional, you are on your own and that can be very expensive and uncomfortable.

  • When you reach a destination, how do you plan to tour it?
  • Have you read up on the history and know what you will be looking at?  Going to a foreign place gives you a chance to learn about this history of the people and places.
  • A tour guide for a day or for the whole trip is worth every penny.  You can find them at Information Offices all over the world.  Some cities/countries require special documentation for visiting.
  • Do you know about travel insurance and how it protects you?
  • Are you backpacking?  You probably need an airline ticket and perhaps a hotel for the first and last night.  Maybe you need a train ticket and some tips on the countries or cities you want to visit.
  • Group tour?  This is so comfortable and a great way to learn a lot.  No worries about what hotel or what restaurant.  Someone to hold your hand from start to finish
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    Lost traveler

    On Your Own?  You may need a car rental, train ticket, a tour guide for 1 hour or 1 day.  Maybe knowledge about driving in certain areas and what kind of license or insurance is needed.

Your own research is part of the adventure.  A travel professional may have been there, done that, but that person doesn’t have the very same likes and dislikes you do.  Give us some ideas and we can fill in the blanks.

Always remember, a warm hand is more valuable than a cold screen!! 

My hand is warm.

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