The Island of Aruba

Aruba is a  little piece of Holland in the Caribbean.


Located just 20 miles north of Venezuela and out of the hurricane zone making Aruba a year round destination for warm and sunny.The cruise ships dock  close to L.G. Smith Boulevard which is home to all levels of duty free shopping.  Discos, nightclubs and restaurants of every ethnic variety are abundant. Casinos abound staying open from 10 PM to sunup. 

The goats of Aruba
The goats of Aruba

The strange rock formations are home to an abundance of cacti, and little goats all over the island.  Take a jeep and go for an adventure.  Rock climbing outfitters have regualr trips for those wanting to try the craggy cliffs on the east coast.  Some great scuba diving with good visability year round.  A long coral reef on the southwest and 2 wrecks lie offshore.

Most of the big resort chains are here with all the bells and whistles.  Beautiful sandy beaches, pampering spas, and a high penetration of wi-fi enable you to stay in touch.  The stretch of beaches known as Palm Beach & Eagle Beach have the highest concentration of resorts on the island.  Some great properties for the whole family with children and teen activities. 

kite surfing

The island has constant winds which make it one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations in the world.  Each June the 10 day Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurging tournament is held. 

The temperature averages 82 degrees year round.  Minimal rain fall occurs in November and December.  The population is about 95,000.  The Dutch settled the island in about 1800 and a few of the original colonial houses still stand.

Many major airlines land at the capitol of Oranjestad.  Connections times are good.  One word of caution, don’t plan to see anything if you come on Christmas.  The island is shut down except for a few taxi drivers.  We were driven all over the island on a flat tire because there was no place open to fix it.   A passport and return ticket are required to arrive.

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