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Tanzania Africa, The Land That Keeps Calling You Back


You definitely need a travel agent when booking Tanzania.  You want to get the most from your experience and you cannot do it yourself.  There are many regulations for getting into the reserves and you would not only be lost, but not allowed into the reserves.

One day we were coming out of an area where we had seen such wonderful sights and we met a car with people from Germany.  They ask us if we had seen anything.  They had been driving for hours and saw nothing.  How sad.  The guides are in the areas day after day and know just where to look to find the best sights.

What you can see in Tanzania…

The 3 areas we visited were the Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater.

WaterBuffalo-CruiseandTourPlannersThe migration from Kenya consists of Wildebeests and Zebra along with their predators.  Millions of animals head south with the rains in November to December.  From January into March they are having their babies across the plains of the Serengeti – what a sight!  About April the migrations begins heading north up into Kenya where they will stay till November then their cycle begins again.

We were on the Serengeti in mid February.  In one day, hundreds of zebra had had their babies.  They are so cute as they kick up their heels and run.   The wildebeests are also setting up their nurseries.  A balloon ride over these vast plains is a “must do”.  Landing to a fresh cooked champagne breakfast under an acacia tree is like a dream.  White aproned waiters have your warm water for hand washing and breakfast is cooked.

Elephantherd-CruiseandTourPlannersNgorongoro Crater has resident animals all year long.  The lodges are on the rim and with a prepacked lunch, you head out for a full day game drive.  The Big Five are all there and our cameras are ready.  No one talks as we sit in our safari vehicle and watch the pride of lions, sleeping cheetahs, rhino, giraffe, scores of birds, herds of elephant around our vehicle, and other animals.  Around every corner is a story to be told.

How long should you plan to stay?

MaasaiPeople-CruiseandTourPlannersTo get the most of each stop, I like to spend 3 nights.  There are all kinds of accommodations depending on your budget.  From sleeping on the ground to 5-star resorts.  You must go to Tanzania before you leave this world, this is definitely a trip worthy of a bucket list!

Cruise & Tour Planners can help.

Bring a group and I will go with you and take care of the details.

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