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Buy A Plane Ticket

I have been thinking of how people try to book their airline tickets online. There are so many sites to do your research on. So, you skip from site to site getting more confused all the time. There are only a few seats that the airlines allow you to book online at reduced prices.

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Travel Terminology

Do you speak more than one language? Being bilingual is so important in today’s world. Knowing the terminology of travel can keep you from being in the wrong city, wrong hotel room, wrong cruise ship destination and a lot of other things that can go wrong.

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Airline Tickets Online-CruiseandTourPlanners

Airline Ticket Buying Tips

Using the internet to buy an airline ticket is like a jungle and it could eat you alive. Something sinister is lurking in there. Do you wonder why people sitting next to you on a plane pay such different amounts for tickets? As a veteran travel agent who has been booking airline tickets for over […]

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