Shopping For Travel

 How Do You Like to Shop for Travel?

ShopforTravel-Cruise andTourPlannersHow do you like to do your family shopping?

Do you run from one specialty store to another?

Do you buy groceries one place, clothes another, pharmacy items another and gas someplace else?

Gone are the days when we could “go downtown” and do all our shopping.  We have a mall in our city that was the first in the country.  Now it has grown and changed, but some of the stores that were there when it opened are now gone, and it is basically a clothing mall.  With the advent of the “big box” stores, you can now get your gas, groceries, clothing, and meds at a one-stop store.

Boy – life sure has changed!

How do you do your travel shopping?

  • TravelAgency - Cruise and Tour Planners Years ago you could go to a brick and mortar office and buy airline tickets.
  • Then if you wanted a cruise, there were “cruise only” stores.
  • If you wanted a package to Disney, you went to another store.

Now it has all changed and we are a “one-stop-shop” for all your travel needs.

With one call or email, I can book your air, cruise, tour, package, hotel, car rental or train tickets.  I don’t even have to see you face to face.  You bring me your dream and I can give you options to make it happen.  So easy.  Save time, gas, no traffic problems, and we can talk in person via Skype so I can see you.  Technology is so wonderful and stress free.

You go about your business and I will take care of your travel shopping.

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