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How Can I Save Money For a Family Vacation?

The Smith’s took their family to Disneyland, the Jones’s went to Hawaii and the new people down the block took their family on a cruise…I want to take my family on a vacation too, but I just can’t afford it, how do they do it?”

FamilyTrip-CruiseAndTourPlannersWell, I can’t tell you how the people you know can afford a family vacation, but I can share some great ideas with you to help you save for that memory building time with your family…

Make a plan, then work the plan!

Bring your family together for a “vacation council”, include everyone in the family, and together come to a consensus of where you should set your goal to travel. It may not be to a big theme park or to a tropical island, but wherever it’s going to be, let everyone in the family be part of the planning and the saving. Not only will this be fun to work together toward a common goal, but your family bonds will strengthen and achieving your goal together will make the vacation that much more fun.

Creative ways to save money for your vacation…

VacationSavings-BestTripPlannerOnce you have figured out how much money you’re going to need to save, make a chart to follow your progress, and hang pctures of your chosen destination around the house to remind you of how exciting this vacation will be. Let the kids figure out how they can help with the savings too. Now the creative fun begins…

  • Open a savings account that is dedicated to your vacation. It’s easier to save money if the money is harder to get at once it’s set aside. Set a goal that each month, as a family you will deposit a cetain amount into the account…if you have a particularly good month, you can always deposit more than your goal.
  • Start a “change jar.” In a change jar, even the kid’s pennies will count! One lady never spends her change, instead, each night she empies the coins from her wallet into her change jar. It doesn’t take long for the jar to begin filling up.
  • Have a garage sale. If you look around the house, you will be amazed at all the things you have that you don’t really need or use – the children can do the same thing. If it’s not a good season for garage saling, most communities have online garage sales that are active all year round.
  • Re-evaluate the coffee shop coffee that you have every morning. Brew your own and save money. Each day, set aside the money you would have spent at the coffee shop, deduct for your own supplies, and deposit the rest into the savings account or the change jar.
  • Do you have a gym membership that could be cancelled? It’s free to go for a run every morning or workout in your basement. You can even find work out videos on YouTube that won’t cost you anything.
  • Eat at home more…it’s less expensive. Figure out how much you eat out every week, cut it in half and deposit the savings.
  • What about those trips to get  your nails manicured? It’s not difficult and it’s not expensive to do your own nails or maybe you could get together with a friend or a daughter and do each other’s.
  • Another great way to save money for your vacation is to hire a certified travel agent, someone who has travel experience, and knows how to save you money, recommend places to go or stay, and be there for you if things go wrong.

There are so many ways to save money for your vacation, get creative with it, and have a geat time on that family trip.


Here I am. A world traveler, and full time in the travel industry for over 20 years. I have had experience! Have I been “everywhere”?  No, but I have probably been close to where you are wanting to go and have resources to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I also know the best way to get you there.

Contact Me for all your travel needs, I’ll be the warm hands you’ll hold from the beginning to the end of your trip. Together we’ll plan a trip that “fits” you just right!



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