River Cruises-Pricing Alert

How to Figure Out Pricing for River Cruises

You’re probably receiving several mailings per week about River Cruising. That’s because River Cruises are now the most popular form of travel in Europe.  The reasons are many, but at the top of the list are:

  • Comfort…many things are included that you pay extra for on a land tour
  • Same bed every night
  • The rivers were, and still are the mode of commerce so cities and towns are easily accessible
  • And lastly, you get to meet interesting people in a small vessel

But what about pricing?  It can seem so confusing.

Sometimes they include the air, which flying to Europe can be higher than to other countries. Sometimes they include beverages with some meals. Sometimes they include gratuities. Some have bicycles which are electric. Some have GPS devices so you always know what you are seeing and if out on a bike, you can find your way back to the ship. Sometimes they are advertised as 2 for 1.

Here is the problem…I worked in retail for 18 years.  I know what it means to mark merchandise up so you can mark it down for a sale!!  I also owned a construction company and I know how to mark up a remodel job so when the client wants a discount, we can give it.  Lots of tricks to make the consumer feel good about “getting the deal”.  The same goes for the River Cruise industry.

Here’s their pricing secrets…

CostofRiverCruise-CruiseandTourPlannersAlways remember when you see any pricing on travel, it is always PER PERSON.  When you see the price of a River Cruise is $13,999 (always good to keep it under that next big number!!), that is per person.  Now they will slash that number and make it $7,100 making you think that 2 people can take a River Cruise for that price making it 2 for 1 pricing.   What really happened is the company jacked up the price to mark it down!!!  Because when you compare it to other companies, they are all within a few dollars of the $7,100 lead-in price without the slashed price.

Remember that is the lead-in price.  Some river boats have the lowest priced cabins with a window way up high so you have to stand up to see out.  But, you may want to be able to see out when you are in your cabin because there are wonderful sights such as castles, villages, walls and ruins as you go along. True, you may not be in your cabin much and maybe this is all you can afford. That’s fine because you can go up to the public lounge or to the top of the boat to see the sights. Sometimes you might want to see before getting out of bed!!

River Cruises are all different, and each has different inclusions. In the end, what you need is a professional travel consultant to wade through the words and give you the best value for your dollar and the best River Cruise line that fits you.

That person would be me. Please call at 206-367-7657 or Contact me to help you with this wonderful trip.


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