Relaxing Vacation

How To Really Relax On Vacation

RelaxingVaction-CruiseAndTourPlannersHow many times have you heard, or even said yourself, “I’m exhausted, I need a vacation from my vacation!”

One of the main reasons we go on vacation is to leave the stress and work of home and business behind for a few days and do something new, something different, reconnect with loved ones…and just relax!

But very often, relaxing is one of the last things you do…instead we overdo on our vacations by over-planning and overscheduling. Maybe we’re afraid that if we don’t, we’ll miss out on something, or we won’t get our money’s worth.

So my very first tip for getting that relaxing vacation you so desperately need is to plan your travel with your goal in mind.

Where can you go and what can you do to relax?

  • Money is one of the great stressors of all timeSet a travel budget and stick to it…look for ways you can save money and have fun while doing it.
  • Choose a relaxing destination…I once heard someone say, choose to go somewhere that your nervous system can relax. Somewhere there isn’t pressure to always be doing and going, maybe it’s the beach, a cabin by a lake, a cruise or an all-inclusive resort.
  • RelaxOnBeach-CruiseAndTourPlannersSet aside time for rejuvenation…Read that book that’s been next to your bed for 6 months, enjoy a nice massage, walk on the beach or take a leisurely hike and have a picnic. (Are you starting to relax yet?)
  • Stay put…Too often, our trips find us moving from hotel to hotel, and that’s not relaxing. If your goal is to see different places, that’s great, but if your goal is to relax, staying at the same place for the entire time is what you need to do.
  • Leave work at home…Try to distance yourself from work as much as you can…if that’s not totally possible, have set times to check in, and let your fellow workers know your plan. Make the main function of your phone be to take beautiful pictures.
  • Take a nap…Not only should you turn off the alarm on your phone, but you should sleep when your body says it’s tired, even if it’s in the middle of the day. Also, spend some time meditating and giving your mind a chance to rest also.
  • Stay flexible…Very seldom do all things go according to plan, so when things aren’t going just right, take a deep breath and come up with a new plan.
  • Beware…the weather…Checking the weather is a good idea. If your plan is to be outside make sure it isn’t too hot or cold where you go. Lying on a beach for hours can send you straight to the hospital.
    • If the weather isn’t cooperating, renting a cottage with things to do inside will make weather changes easier and less stressful.

Can you relax if you’re traveling with kids?

RelaxWithKids-CruiseAndTourPlannersOf course you can…it may not be the same as if you’d left them home with Grandma and Grandpa, but you can still have downtime and relaxation.

Again, choosing the right destination is the key. You probably won’t want to choose theme parks or places with high activity levels. But you can still choose places where the family can have fun and you can still  find time to unwind, such as beaches, national parks, camping or lodges in the woods…everyone is happy! Also, you can plan a day or two where you do have a little more activity if your location has something available such as an arcade or tourist attraction.

Talk with your travel agent for other pieces of great advice that will make your vacation relaxing and rejuvenating.

I am a seasoned traveler and travel agent…My specialty is vacation travel, and I love to give personal service, and be the warm hands you hold from the beginning to the end of your trip.

Contact me, together we can plan the vacation of your dreams.

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