Real or False Travel Agent

How Do You Know if a Travel Agent is Real or False?

FearFalseTravelAgent-CruiseandTourPlannersAs a child, what things frightened you that turned out to be false?

Do you remember going for walks holding the hand of  your favorite adult and big giant dogs would jump at the fence growling and snarling?   What appeared to be a real scare, was not a worry holding the hand of your favorite person.

Do you remember crossing streets that had lots of traffic and big scary trucks and busses?   That scare went away with your protector by your side.

Do you remember going swimming in a lake and seeing sticks in the water that you were sure were snakes?  As your favorite big person picked them up and showed you those real sticks were false snakes, you now felt safe.

What to fear in the travel industry…

In the travel industry we have big giant “dogs”, loud trucks and busses, and evil snakes trying to steal your valuable travel dollars.  They look like real travel agents, but in reality they are membership clubs or other professionals posing as travel agents or online companies with glittery ads making you think they were real. And if you’re online, it’s even more confusing.

How can you tell the difference?

RelaxDuringTravel-CruiseAnd TravelPlannersHold the hand of a Certified Travel Agent and you can relax and you won’t have to worry about whether you booked with a “real” travel agent or a “false” one.  Always ask for the Travel Agent’s certifications and full time experience before booking with them.  For online companies, never trust the sites.  Anyone can make a web site and take your money while sitting on a beach in the south pacific.

These membership clubs don’t care whether the hotel is under renovation or your airline has 5 connections.  They don’t know about hurricane season or if it is hot in Australia.

I care!!  My certifications are Certified Travel Counselor from The Travel Institute and Elite Cruise Consultant from Cruise Line International.  You can trust me, and fear no more!

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