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 Where Can You Receive Personal Service, Is It  Dead?

Today is National Travel Agent’s Day…as a Travel Agent, my motto is:

We love to give personal service; We are the warm hands you hold from the beginning to the end of your trip”. – Sharon Emerson

PersonalService-CruiseandTourPlannersDo you like receiving “personal service” when shopping? Do you like having a person care about you and your needs?  Have we totally lost the “personal touch” in this country? What has happened to talking to humans?

Many years ago my mother worked in a department store during the Christmas buying season.  Then again during “back to school” shopping. She would personally help shoppers with their purchases and hand write the charge slips.  She knew everyone in town by name and what size their kids were.

About 40 years ago I worked at a local department store where we helped people with their shopping. We carried arm loads of clothes into the dressing room and back out. We would call people on the phone to tell them a particular item we thought fit them had just arrived.

Then came the center check out counters with no one to help. You hauled your own 4 items in and out. Only one store kept the personal service and it was known by everyone to go there and if the employee saw a button off your coat, it was replaced while you were in the dressing room.

Talk to the Machine…

NoMorePersonalService-CruiseandTourPlannersThe other day I talked to my banker and found out the drive through windows are going away. The tellers will be gone in the next few months and you will “talk” to a kiosk.

Although automated “clerks” are often convenient, a real person offering personal service can be very helpful.

In the travel industry many people go to a computer to book their travel. Maybe the cruise line they pick isn’t a fit for them. Maybe the hotel is under renovation.  Maybe the airline makes too many connections or worse yet, the wrong city codes were used.

Personal service is still here when calling me!

Sharon Emerson - Travel AgentI will talk to you, find out what fits you and get you the best pricing. An email or phone call will reach me personally.  I will be the warm hand you hold from the beginning to the end of your trip.

Contact me I’ll give you “personal service” for your next vacation.

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