Pacific Northwest

Have You Traveled the Great Pacific Northwest?

Brown bag travel

We are off to view places in the Pacific Northwest we have never gone before. This trip we are headed for the Pacific Coast.

Since this is a weekend trip, how to pack for this adventure?

First of all you need a grocery bag or garbage bag or whatever kind of bag is handy. No need to buy a special bag. Into this bag goes binoculars, camera, change of clothes (some can hang in the back of the car right out of the closet), toiletries and water. Then a map and some soothing music.

And you are off…

Ken is the driver, I am the guide/napper. I think my parents must have taken me for rides to put me to sleep as an infant. The wheels turn and my head drops!!!

Long Beach Peninsula

This trip we knew our destination, but the routing had a couple of options. We were headed for Long Beach, Washington. Yep, we have one, too.

The day is absolutely beautiful. Heading down Interstate 5 South, Mount Rainier is in her glory. We also can see the Cascade Mountain range with snow on the top. We pass the state capital at Olympia. Traffic is easy. Lots of small town along the way and tempting turnoffs – another time. At Chehalis we turn West toward the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful winding road with evergreens on both sides.

I think I am missing things as I doze. But Ken is watching for animals (our favorite thing besides looking for Indian Paint Brush). We go through Wilapa, world famous for oysters. This is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean and we follow the coast to Ilwaco, the south tip of the Long Beach peninsula.

Fishing in the Pacific Northwest…

Ilwaco is famous for it’s commercial and recreational fishing fleet. It is too early for salmon, but we see that tuna fishing is good right now. My husband feels that tug on his line, but we don’t have time on this trip.

Long Beach, WA

It is getting into the afternoon and we need to find a place for the night. As we poke along, we soon find out this area is not like the other Washington coastal towns that have many places to stay on the water. After checking one and finding no vacancy, we went on north to the Breakers. It is not ON the water as there are grass-covered dunes that go out a long way. But we take what is available and are comfortable for the night.

About Long Beach

Long Beach is a typical seaside town with little eateries, touristy stores, kite shops, etc. Always ice cream and elephant ears!!! The Washington coast is always windy so kite flying is big. There are many places to drive out onto the packed sand, but watch the signs and watch how soft the sand is. We park and just watch the water and nap. It is so restful.

Since this was my birthday weekend, we were told Jamilla’s was the best restaurant around. They were right. Small place, but everything was local and made from scratch. A very lovely dinner without dressing up. Come as you are.

The next day we drove north on the rest of the peninsula and realized oysters are king. The drive is heavy foliage on both sides so you can’t see the water on either side. But there are many public turnoffs to drive to the beach.

We head home a different way, again with a gentle windy road along the Columbia River. We hit Kelso on I5 and head north. We won’t talk about the horrors of driving the Interstate on Sunday evening. But the 2 days were lovely.  A weekend getaway can be more wonderful than a week at a resort.

Looking for a nice weekend retreat? Contact me, I know them all!

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