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You Should Stop Planning Your Travel Online!

ConfusingOnlineTravelPlanning-CruiseandTourPlannersHave you ever visited a major sporting goods store like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops?  The choices are overwhelming.

Maybe you just wanted a “fishing pole” and you are faced with hundreds.  How do you narrow it down to one pole?  You have to know what kind of a fisherman or woman you are: Salt water or fresh water?  River, stream, ocean, lake, pond, creek or whatever.  What kind of fish are you fishing for?  I don’t even know all the kinds of fish.  Are you fishing from a boat, bank, bridge, or pier?  Do you want to hold it, set it on the ground or put it in a pole holder?  And on and on and on.

Why You Should Use a Travel Professional…

Shopping online for travel meets the same overwhelming choices.  Without a travel professional, you are on your own and that can be expensive and uncomfortable.  Start with wanting to go on a cruise.  There are hundreds of cruise ships of various sizes and types.  Do you want an open ocean cruise, a river cruise in the US or international, a barge-self drive on a river in Europe, or a ship along a coast someplace in the world?  Do you want a sail boat, small ship with few passengers, mega ship with thousands or any of scores of other options.  The questions go on and on and on.

Who Can You Trust?

TravelPlanningThief-CruiseandTourPlannersThere are so many online sites.  Do you know if they are legitimate or maybe someone somewhere is sitting on a beach taking your credit card number and having a great holiday.  Yes, I have seen it… Anyone can make a website and put in a PayPal account.

Don’t waste your time looking at the “racks” of choices when a professional who knows all the choices can narrow it down for you.

Call me and I will find out quickly what will be best for your travel experience and the best value for your dollar.  I not only know cruises, but all types of travel.

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