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Mason & Granny on the Go - Cruise and Tour Planners

Mason & Granny on the Go

Meet my new assistant, Mason.  He is a lot like what you would get if you book your travel online:

  • He has never been on an airplane.  He might send you to SAN instead of SNA.
  • He has never seen a cruise ship.  Has no idea where the best cabin location is or the dress code.  He would really rather be in his birthday suit.
  • He doesn’t know one ocean from another or any other body of water-except for his bath tub
  • He has never been to a hotel and doesn’t know good, safe locations from bad ones.
  • Online Travel Booking - Cruise and Tour PlannersHe hasn’t been to a resort and has no idea what an EP or AI means.  Just feed him when he is hungry.
  • His computer skills are lacking.  If the screen is red, you will go there because that is his favorite color
  • As far as seasons go, one day is the same as all the rest.

So, if you want personal service, call Mason’s Granny on the Go.  She knows all of the above and more and will be happy to help you see the world before you leave it.


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