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Is Every Website Legitimate?

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Not long ago one of my travel suppliers called me.  He had found a website that was not legitimate…it was a phony, and he wanted to share it.  It looked good.  Had great specials, professional design and a call to action.  It had a good search engine and you could book travel on the site.

The problem came where there was an advertisement for a hotel at a very low price.  My supplier used this hotel for his tours and was under the impression he had the lowest pricing that this hotel offered.

So, he called the hotel manager.  The supplier was informed that they did not do business with this website company and that price did not exist.  Upon further research, nothing else on the site existed either, except for the payment screen!

The joke was on the consumer

Someone somewhere was sitting on a beach collecting money and laughing all the way to the bank.

Another time a friend of mine was telling me that their relatives booked a trip to Mexico.  It was a week away from them leaving and they had not received any documents.  What should they do he asked?  I asked how they booked the trip.  He said “online” to which I replied “I am sorry”.

Then there was the advertisement on one of the internet sites with a “really great” price on a cruise.  As I researched that “really great” price, it was double what I could get.

One of my clients booked a Hawaii trip on a well-known website, before he became my client.  When he got to the hotel, he was told he had no reservation and further more, that Hawaiian chain did not do business with the online company!!  What a great way to ruin an expensive holiday.  The client is now mine.

A Legitimate Site

Image of Let me help with your travel planning - Cruise and Tour PlannersI have a web site – Cruise & Tour Planners.   I have access to hundreds of travel companies going all over the world, all different ways.  Whether it is a 3 night package or around the world on a private jet, you can find it on my website.

But the biggest thing about looking and researching on my website is that I hold your hand during the whole process.   When you are poking around the websites, poke at mine.

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