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What Travel Agents Want You To Know About Them

Using a travel consultant is like a great bottle of wine. You may never know all the love and attention that went into creating it – but you’ll definitely taste it.” – unknown

YourTravelAgent-CruiseAndTourPlannersMany people think that travel agents are a rare breed, some even think they are extinct. But we are far from extinct, in fact, our popularity is growing….people are beginning to “get it”. Meaning they are starting to understand all the benefits of using a travel agent to book their travel – their convenience, their knowledge, their help during crisis, and their love of travel that will benefit you.

But there are some other things your Travel Agent would like you to know….

What your Travel Agent wants you to know.

Your Travel Agent is a person who:

  • Has spent their career building relationships in the travel industry, relationships with travel vendors, suppliers, destination experts and so many others, in order to give you the value you deserve when you book with them.
  • Some agents specialize in certain kinds of trips, nevertheless, they can help you with any type of travel you’re interested in. And if by chance they don’t have the answer for what you’re looking for, they can draw on one of those relationships that we just mentioned.
  • Travel Agents don’t just take orders, they spend a good amount of time getting to know their clients, their desires, likes and dislikes so they can not only offer them great service, but great value and a great trip.
  • TravelAgentContinuedLearning-CruiseAndTourPlannerspngThere are many people who “hang out a shingle” saying they are a travel agent. There is no requirement in the industry to “become” a travel agent. There are many resources that they can avail themselves of to become better agents. One is certification from 2 different bodies. To get this certification is difficult. But it makes them a better resource for you, the client. The biggest one is traveling themselves on travel agent trips. These are not “vacations”, nor are they free. They are at the worst weather times and they cost the agent. So select your agent carefully and make sure they have an ECC certification from The Travel Institute. That’s the highest certification they can achieve and having it means they have taken scores of classes, traveled all over the world, and inspected numerous cruise ships and resorts. No beach time. But this makes them more valuable to you.
  • We search to give you the best prices for your trip. We have many tools that we can use on your behalf to book your vacation at the best prices we can.
  • AirportStress-CruiseAndTourPlannersYou can consider us your trip coordinator…we can provide not only your airline tickets, but we can help you if flights are cancelled, if you miss a connection, advise of baggage restrictions or work to make your connecting flights more doable.
  • As much as we value our relationships with our travel supplier, we value our relationship with you more, we will be your advocate in times of dispute or confusion.
  • We are your stress managers. Vacation planning can be very stressful, and our goal is to give you the best travel with the least amount of stress.
  • We will give you an honest opinion that you can count on, about hotels, cruises, excursions and destinations. We have done research on these things, we’ve had our ear to the ground, and talked to others, so we can guide you to choices that give you your best vacation.
I am a seasoned traveler and travel agent…My specialty is vacation travel, and I love to give personal service, and be the warm hands you hold from the beginning to the end of your trip.

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