Kauai-Paradise in Hawaii

Tired of the Gray Skies of Winter? Are You Ready to Trade Them for Paradise?

TraveltoPariadise-CruiseandTourPlannersHas winter gotten a grip where you live?  Where do you go to find sun and warm?

Hawaii, of course.  I have been 26 times to the tropical Paradise.  But it has been 20 years since we went to Kauai.  So, off we go.

The Northern most island of the Hawaiian chain, Kauai is lush and very green.

Knowing where to stay, you need a professional travel agent.  Otherwise, you are under a cloud all day long.  Typical of the islands, there is a dryer side and a wetter side.   But on Kauai, wet is wetter than other islands.

Our Beautiful Resort

The Kauai Marriott is a beautiful  resort with everything you could want.  It is very large with a huge swimming pool as the focal point.  The sandy beach borders a bay with great shallow water.  Not many waves for surfers, but some were trying.  The Marriott offers complimentary airport and golf course shuttles.  But we wanted to see the rest of the island, so we rented a car.

HawaiianGardens-CruiseandTourPlannersLihue is at the southern tip of the island close to Poipu.  This is ideal for sun and a slight breeze.  Every morning about 11:30 we saw the clouds start to gather over the mountain in the center of the island.  But they never bothered us.

One day we drove around one side of the island all the way to Hanalei going through Princeville.  There are about 4 five star resorts in this area.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why they built them where you are under clouds all day.  That isn’t why I go to Hawaii.  From Princeville to Hanalei it is a very narrow 2 lane road with about 4 one way bridges.  The distance isn’t very far, but the time is lengthy because of all the stopping.

HawaiianBeach-CruiseandtourPlannersThe next day we went the other direction to the end of the highway stopping at Poipu Beach Park.  What a lovely quiet area.  I can stay there forever.  Along this road is the turn off into the center of the island into Waimea Canyon.  Absolutely spectacular.  Take a helicopter ride into the canyon.  There are several beautiful waterfalls that can be reached by car and about 14 beaches.

One very funny feature is all the chickens.  They are everywhere.  We never saw any road kill, so they have learned where to go and not to cross the roads.  The roosters started crowing before sunup and all day long till sundown.  There is no lack of bugs and all are well fed.

Packing Tips for this Trip:

TropicalFlowers-CruiseandTourPlannersOn the Inter Island flights, you are limited to size and weight.  Check your carrier.  Otherwise you have to check your bags and if you have valuables in your carry on, you will still have to check them.  One thing I recommend is to take an empty fold up duffle bag.  You can carry on as many bags as you want as long as each bag is under the limit and the right size to fit in the bag gauge at the counter.  And they do check you.   Also, take mosquito spray for Kauai.  We did get a few bites of some kind.

Contact me to book this beautiful place in paradise.

***originally published 1/18/11

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