Is a Smaller Ship Your Size?

Is a Smaller Cruise Ship More Your Size?

American Safari Cruise Chip - Cruise and Tour Planner

Would you prefer not to spend your holiday with hundreds or thousands of people?

I have the solution for you – smaller ship cruising.  These are available in sizes from under 100 people, more like a personal yacht, up to 1000.  Areas of cruising are all over the world and types of vessels are motor vessels and sailing vessels.  Most can be chartered for private cruising, if you have your own group.

What are some of the smaller ships?

  1. American Safari Cruises are small luxury intimate vessels carrying 12 to 36 guests.  Covering Alaska, Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, Hawaiian Islands, Pacific NW and Columbia and Snake Rivers.
  2. Blount Small Ships are vessels from 84 to 100 guests.  These are flat top with bow ramps allowing them into small coves in Central America, Intracoastal Bays, Great Lakes, Canals, Rivers and Coastal New England.
  3. Aranui is a freighter & passenger ship  to Paradise cruising the Marquesas Islands.  She carries 100 passengers and  2,000 lbs. of cargo.  A unique way to see the South Pacific
  4. Through the Greek Islands there are 2 Greek lines – Zeus Casual Cruises with 1 ship carrying 42 passengers and Variety Cruises with 1 ship carrying 18-21 passengers.  Smaller is definitely better in Greece.
  5. Fantasy Cruises has one small yacht sailing from Seattle, WA up to through the local waterways and into Canada.  Get up close and personal with nature with only 32 passengers.
  6. The Crown Blue Line offers self-skippered cabin cruisers in Holland, Ireland and New York State.  Many different sizes will accommodate family and friends to go as you wish.
  7. Lindblad Expeditions are an adventure cruising company all over the work.  North America, Central America, Galapagos, Antarctic, Europe, Egypt and the South Pacific.  All the way from 40 to 100 guests, all of these vessels with give you memories for a lifetime.  The land portion of the trips are filled with adventure.
  8. Orion Expedition Cruises to Antarctica carries 106 passengers in comfort.  She is like a small mega yacht taking you on adventure cruises.
    Hurtigruten Cruise Ship - Cruise and Tour Planners
  9. The Hurtigruten in Norway and on up to Russia and Finland  any time of the year have motor vessels from 164 to 674 passengers.  They are the most knowledgeable about the far north and offer authentic Scandinavian travel, both on water and land.
  10. Quark Expeditions have icebreaker adventure ships doing Antarctica with helicopters, zodiacs and rubber boots.  Nose to nose with nature.
  11. Sea Dream Yacht Club has 2 luxury vessels carrying 110 passengers.  These are great for charters  for business groups or friends.  Her itinerary is the Caribbean, Mayan Riviera and Med.
  12. Windstar Cruises.  Luxury sailing vessels  with 148-312 guests.  Be pampered  in the warm and sunny Caribbean, Central America and Panama Canal, Europe, the Greek Isles and Transatlantic
    Star Clipper Cruise Ship - Cruise and Tour Planners
    Star Clipper
  13. Star Clippers are beautiful sailing vessels in Tahiti, Far East, Caribbean, Med and ocean crossings.  One vessels carries 227 passengers and one has 170.  Quiet gentle sailing to small little islands in warm and sunny places.

Let me help you see the world in an intimate personal vessel

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