Hot Air Balloon Festivals

When, Why and Where To Go For a Hot Air Balloon Festival?

Are you looking for something unique to do on vacation? You don’t want to go to a theme park, you want to take your family and you want it to be memorable. Have you ever considered going to a hot air ballon festival? They are not only breathtaking but they are exciting and so much fun!

There are hundreds of these colorful festival across America…many people make it a tradition to go to at least one each summer.

  • HotAirBalloonsAtNight-CruiseAndTourPlannersThey are wonderful destination vacations for families
  • You can watch beautiful launches in the early morning
  • You can watch glowing launches in the evening competing with the stars for your attention
  • These festivals are typically held in unique natural environments that aren’t necessarily near large metropolitan areas
  • There is usually more to do in addition to watching the balloons

Where can these festivals be found?

  1. Starting with probably the largest (it’s often called “the big one”) and most well known is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta which is held in early October. This festival is a balloon lover’s paradise…balloon lovers come from all over the world and it runs for about 10 days. Along with the balloon launches, there are also live music, kids events, laser shows, fireworks and car shows…there is absolutely something for everyone.
  2. The Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off is held in late August into early September…it’s a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend. Although this is a smaller festival than Albuquerque, it’s still an amazing event. Held near Prospect Lake, there are plenty of opportunities for water fun such as paddle and wakeboarding.
  3. HotAirBalloonRaces-CruiseAndTourPlannersIn the early part of September, you’ll find the Great Reno Balloon Race in full swing. Unlike many others, this 3 day festival is free, where you can enjoy hot air balloon races. When the races are not going on, there are great farm fresh restaurants to enjoy, family activities, a children’s museum and a charming downtown district to explore.
  4. Memorial Day weekend, Anderson, South Carolina hosts the Freedom Weekend Aloft, which, besides the hot air balloons, features live music by well-known performers such as The Doobie Brothers, Trace Adkins and David Lee Roth. You can also watch fireworks and the Frisbee Dog contest.
  5. Indianola, Iowa hosts their National Balloon Classic in either late July or early August. This 9 day festival also features other activities in the sky such as skydiving and pilot competitions, along with live music, and fun vendors.
  6. Early in the year (January), Lake Havasu, Arizona holds its 2 day festival, Havasu Ballon Festival and Fair. When you’re not enoying the balloons, you can spend your  time on carnival rides, eating great food, listening to music, boating and kayaking.

These are just a few of the wonderful places you can visit to enjoy a hot air balloon festival…but if you are interested where there might be one near you, check out these locations:

  • HotAirBallooonRally-CruiseAndTourPlannersAlbany, Oregon – NW Art & Air Festival
  •  Plano, Texas – Plano Balloon Festival
  • Boise, Idaho – Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic
  • Temecula Valley, California – Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival
  • Longview Texas, The Great Texas Balloon Race
  • Prosser, Washington – The Great Prosser Balloon Rally
  • Salina, Utah – Eyes to the Sky Balloon Festival
  • Driggs, Idaho – Teton Valley Balloon Rally
  • and there are many others…

Have you ever been to a hot air balloon festival? Maybe it’s time you experience one…you’ll love it and your kids will too, there’s something for everyone!

Now is the time to start planning…begin anticipating and dreaming of the color in the sky! Contact me, together we can plan your travel, lodging and any other excursions you may enjoy.

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