Hidden Money for Vacation

Where to Find Hidden Money for Your Vacation 

MoneyforVacation-CruiseandTourPlannersLet me explain.

  • Do you own a time share?  Do you have points you can trade for a cruise, hotel, rental car or other travel?
  •  Did you win a cruise at an auction or event?
  • Can you use your air miles to buy a cruise?

If you answered YES to any of the above – then do it!!

But WAIT!!

You still need a travel professional to help you and here is why…

  • Do you know the BEST ship for you and your life style?  I like to qualify clients and make sure they are getting what fits them best.  I know most all the cruise lines and their ships and not all are created equal.  Time Share agents have no clue about booking a cruise.
  • What about all those cabin categories?  What about the location of the cabins?  That is very important and I know that.
  • Once you pick the ship, you need to know all about the onboard experience and what other things will have a charge.  I know all of those activities.
  • Getting to and from the ship.  Do you know the times and places to embark and disembark?  Be very careful.  You might be booking your flights at the wrong times and be in trouble
  • There are certain documents you MUST have to take this cruise.  I will make sure you know what those are and help you get them.
  • When the Time Share Agents quote you air for your cruise, check with me to see if that is the best price.  I have one client who overpaid their air by $1000 with the Time Share Company.  No wonder they got a good cruise deal!!!  Don’t be fooled.
  • What to see and do in each port?  I know all of that and can advise you.  You want to make this a great vacation, right?
  • How about time of the year to go?  Oh yes, that is so important.  I can help you with that choice.  A storm can ruin a vacation.
  • DinneronCruiseShip-CruiseandTourPlannersHow to dress for this trip?  Some ships have a dress code for dining at night, but there can be alternatives.  Others have none.  Talk to me about what you might like.
  • Are you taking your family?  Let’s talk about their ages and what they like to do.  There is a huge difference is ship activities for children and teens.  If they are miserable, you will be too!!!

Money spent not saved…

Recently I had been working with a client for a European cruise.  After many weeks, she sent me a message that she had booked a cruise using her time share credits.  This family doesn’t have a clue about travel in Europe and not only that, they don’t know anything about the extra charges on the ship.  They are the ones who overpaid their air by $1000 per person.

Not long ago 106 people were not allowed on a Carnival ship out of Miami to South America.  They didn’t have Brazilian visas.  Some totally lost their trip and others had to pay a lot to get to the next port of call to catch up with their ship.

These days it is important to pay a small fee and save yourself  huge headaches and mistakes.  Without my services you are on your own and that can be very expensive and uncomfortable.

Contact me – I can help you with all of your travel plans!


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