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Cruise to the French Riviera

A Cruise to the French Riviera - Cruise and Tour Planners

Land Ho!!! Our first port of call, Villefranche.

Our Royal Caribbean cruise to the Mediterranean has landed at Villefranche for our tour to the French Riviera.  This is very exciting.

Having watched travel logs for years, we are anxious to put “reality” with pictures.

A Beautiful Coastline

Stretching from St. Tropez to Menton on the Italian border this beautiful coast includes the cosmopolitan town of Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo.

Our port is in the middle of the Riviera, also known as Cote d’Azur.

Nice on the French Riviera - Cruise and Tour Planners


Beautiful beaches, pleasant climate and wonderful charm are all in these small towns.

We chose to do a ship tour to get a good narrated overview of the coast line.  Then, if we want, we know where to return to spend more time.

Villefranche is very close to Nice, which is the capital of the Riviera.  Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco is the play ground of the rich a famous.  Such a small spot, only 2 square kilometers but a beautiful harbor with luxury yachts.  That could take days just watching those.

Great Shopping

Cannes with its designer boutiques and beautiful hotels is like a painting.  There are other small towns, but our time is limited.

Shopping on the French Riviera - Cruise and Tour Planners

Shopping in small boutiques with beautiful clothes is always on the agenda.  But the coach awaits and we have more to see.

Now we have a better understanding of this beautiful coast and can decide where to return should the sea call us.

Until then, you can call us to book you here or anywhere.

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