Family Travel Memories

Are You Making Family Travel Memories?

Family Travel Reunion - Cruise and Tour Planners

More and more people are realizing that making family memories is so very important for future generations. These memories will last a lifetime.

Since 9/11, generational travel has been on the rise.  Families are reconnecting by traveling together.  Many times it is the older members of the family paying the bill for everyone to go.

Family reunions are one of the most popular groups to travel together.  More and more travel suppliers are giving us all kinds of tour packages and cruise ships designed for all ages of family travel.  Let’s explore a few:

Family Travel Packages

  • Cruise ships are great for family gatherings. Many have activities for all ages from early morning into the evening.
    • Not all ships work for families. You need a professional to sort out the differences so you have the right ship and destination for all.Cruise with the family - Cruise and Tour Planners
  • Villas in various places in the world are an easy way to tour in Europe or Mexico. Rent the entire villa with the chef and you are free to explore some new places in the world.
    • Many have pools, some have cars to use, many are by water, some are castles or private homes, and all are fascinating.
    • When you add up the cost of hotels rooms, villas are a much better value
  • Private homes, particularly in Orlando are a great way to visit Disney and the other sites close by.
    • You can get a 5 bedroom, 5 bath house close to Disney for less than a hotel room for 2 people.  All come with pools and fully equipped kitchens.
  • Condos in many places such as Hawaii and Mexico come complete with  kitchens, laundry facilities and some maid service, this makes a carefree vacation for a mid -size family.
  • Time shares, particularly in Mexico can be a better value than a hotel.
    • You may have to put up with the “pitching”, but just say “no” and you can have a great vacation.
  • Group Travel to a Dude Ranch - Cruise and Tour Planners
    • There are literally scores of these from working ranches where you go on trail rides, having a kid’s rodeo, to just a place to be in the beautiful creation.

Now let’s address tour companies who cater to families.  Pick a destination and more than likely some company has a tour that will fit a family with children of various ages.

Great vacation destinations

  • Africa- A & K have family safaris.  There are age restrictions for any children because of the concern with the animals.  What an awesome experience for the kids.
  • Disney Adventures has tours for whole families in a number of countries.  All have activities designed by age.  In fact, one recent tour was mostly adults.  They need a vacation, too.
  • Globus Vacations has created a brochure of family friendly places in the world.
  • Beaches resorts have many All-Inclusives for children in warm weather places featuring great kid’s clubs so the adults can have time for themselves.
  • Intrepid and Internation Expeditions take you to unusual places in the world for adventure travel.  Go and see nature and meet local people.  It will change the family’s lives.

Load the family in the car and see the USA.  Our National Parks are awesome and most Americans never see their own country.  Reserve some space in the lodges and have a reunion in a fabulous setting.

Whatever you choose, wherever you go, take the family and go see the world.  It will forever change your life and building memories for future generations.

The American Indians used to gather around a campfire and share their stories of old.  Let’s do that with our families.

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