Experience Great Waterfalls

Experience The Great Waterfalls Of Our Country

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WaterFalls-CruiseAndTourPlannersI don’t know what it is that draws us to waterfalls, whether it is:

  • Pure amazement
  • Their magnificence and grandeur
  • The relaxing continual motion
  • The feeling of freedom they create
  • Their cool mists
  • The feeling of getting back to nature
  • Maybe all of the above

Many people have been building their “trips” around making their destination one of our country’s scenic waterfalls. The nice thing is, the United States boasts hundreds of waterfalls for you to visit…you could choose a different one each summer – what a great way to see the beautiful county you live in.

No two waterfalls are the same…

Although some may say, “If you have seen one waterfall you’ve seen them all”, but that is so far from true. Each one is unique and offers a whole new experience and visual feast.

SnoqualmieFalls-CruiseAndTourPlannerSome are powerful and thundering, like Snoqualmie Falls in Washington state…it is so powerful that even when you stand at the visitor’s lookout point, in certain times of year, you can get drenched from the mist.

More than 1.5 million visitors visit the falls every year, making it one of the state’s most popular attractions.


MulnomahFalls,CruiseAndTourPlannersSome are graceful and relaxing as they make their way down beautiful mountainsides, such as Multnomah Falls in Oregon state. This is a 2-tiered waterfall, that in order to see both levels, you must walk to a viewing area.

This beautiful falls was actually owned by a Portland businessman, who, before his passing in the early 1900’s gave it to the city of Portland.






Then there is the incomparable, wedding destination of Niagara Falls in New York state. Niagara is unique in the fact that not only is it a combination of three separate falls, but it spans two countries, the United States and Canada.

There are several attraction that offer different ways to experience this force of nature including a beautiful light show in the evening.

A must see (and a great destination) is Oahu, land of a 1000 waterfalls. It is so amazing to see so many waterfalls all at once, and a great way to do it is by helicopter tour.




A visit to Yellowstone Falls in Wyoming state, feels like a step back in time…Yellowstone Falls actually consists of two waterfalls, the Upper and Lower Falls, located on the Yellowstone River, visiting these beautiful falls is like getting a two for one experience.





The well-known Bridalveil Falls of California is located in the Yosemite National Park. It’s name, Bridalveil, comes from the mist that is created by the heavy winds, and resembles a bride’s veil.









Located in Arizona in the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls is actually one of four falls located in the tribal lands of the Havasupai Indian tribe.

Because of the fragile environment, and because this is part of the Havasupai’s home, if you’re thinking of hiking in the Havasu Canyon, reservations to do so will be necessary.




Planning your vacation around visiting an amazing waterfall can open your world to so many adventures, there are so many things you can do and see while enroute and once you arrive there.

Whether you want to travel near or far, there are so many waterfall destinations to choose from…Is it time to leave the rat race of cities and crowds and get back to nature and enjoy these amazing natural wonders?

If you’re ready to start planning? Contact me or call me at 206-367-7657, I can help you plan and book a vacation that will turn out to be one of your very favorites.

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