Ancient Ephesus – A Tour With Special Meaning

The Silk Road at Ephesus - Cruise and Tour PlannersThe air of expectancy is rising as we are now disembarking our Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas as ship is now in Kusadasi, Turkey.

This is a group from church so the thought of touring ancient Ephesus has special meaning.   This city was the end of the Silk Road and a very prosperous city in Ancient times.

 A day in Ephesus…

Kusadasi gateway to Ephesus - Cruise and Tour Planners

Port of Kusadasi

We are met at the pier by my friend and tour operator Atinc Gur from Meander Travel.  He has given us the best archeologist in Ephesus for our guide for the day.  So off we go.

For tourists of both Protestant and Catholic faiths, this site holds much interest.

It is said that Mary, Jesus’ mother, stayed in a house close by Ephesus.

Tradition says Mary lived here

Tradition says Jesus' mother lived here

This is a stop on the tour, if wanted.  Otherwise we go straight to the city.  This city is one of the best reconstructed sites in the world.  From the classic theater, the library, and temples are well done.  Now they have uncovered several of the houses with their beautiful mosaics.

Our group had many questions and we were able to take our time at the site.  Then we were off to aTurkish rug making school.

Handmade Turkish Rugs - Cruise and Tour Planners

Handmade Turkish Rugs

This is not a usual tourist stop and we were thrilled to be able to see from the worms to the finished rugs.

The theatrics of showing the rugs is worth the stop. It’s also a good education to learn about how to tell if a Turkish rug is genuine wool, silk or a combination. I couldn’t resist, and now a small silk one is at home in my living room!!!

The library at Ephesus

The library at Ephesus

Everyone loved Turkey.  What a surprise at how clean, friendly and interesting this country was.  We would go back.  This was a day of memories and dreams come true.

Uncovered houses at Ephesus - Cruise and Tour Planners

Beautiful uncovered houses at Ephesus

Call me to send you on this tour, either by land or on a cruise ship

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