Disney World Tips

Disney World requires some planning.


Moving through Disney

Mov ing through Disney

The size of this Disney World Resort needs to be carefully thought out before showing up at the gate.


  • How much time are you allowing for the visit?
  • Where are you wanting to spend the nights?
  • What are the ages of those going to the park?


Many times people think of Disney World as Disney California.  Wrong. Disney World is huge.  The transportation system is very good and a car is not needed.  Staying in the resort instead of outside is the best choice.

I suggest a minimum of 5 nights.  The day you arrive you need to sit down in your room and look at all the passes and layout of the park.  Decide what you want to see based on the ages and mobility of those going.

Small children will be bored in Epcot except for the fireworks late at night.  The few places to sit get gobbled up early in the day.  But this fireworks show is  amazing.  Epcot contains scores of pavilions of various countries with food, shopping and entertainment all around an enormous lake.  In addition they have a lot of attraction rides.  I would allow one full day and night here.

Magic Kingdom is for the young children and maybe a place to spend a full day.  Hollywood Studios can be a 1/2 day visit as you have the Disney characters.

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom should have at minimum 1/2 day.  This is a fabulous Safari with all the live animals.  You never see a fence and it is as close to Africa as you will ever get in the US.  There are some rides here that bring a thrill.  All ages love this park.

If the weather is hot, add the Water Parks for a day of fun.  Then Downtown Disney can be added with tickets to LaNouba by Cirque du Soleil.  Lots of restaurants and shops are here.  Mostly a night adventure.

In addition there is golf, spas and recreation.  Talk to me-A Graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge.


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