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All You Ever Wanted to Know About a Cruise Vacation…

Cruises-BestTripPlannerA cruise ship review can make your next cruise vacation better.

Starting with Noah’s Ark, people have floated on the water.  All kinds of vessels, all kinds of bodies of water.  We just love floating around the world.A cruise ship review can make your next cruise vacation better.

Contrary to those who have served in the Navy, today’s cruising is very comfortable, informative, entertaining, and can be the ultimate vacation.  But it is like a pair of shoes, if it doesn’t fit you, you won’t be happy.

How do you know if a cruise fits you?

First of all, you need professional assistance.  As the highest certified professional in the industry, I am constantly monitoring all the cruise lines and all the ships in each company.  Just because your neighbor or Aunt Suzie cruised on a particular ship does not mean it is right for you.  I build a personal relationship with you to find out as much as I can to put you on the best fit.  Each time you cruise,  your criteria may change and I have to know how to change for you.  So, let’s start with the basics.

There are about 4 different classes of cruise lines…in my humble opinion.

  1. Luxury
  2. Premium
  3. Mass Market
  4. Assorted miscellaneous types


LuxuryCruise-CruiseandTourPlannersFrom very small yacht-type vessels to very large ocean liners, these are set apart by the ratio of staff to passengers.  Also, the inclusions such as wine with meals, stock bars in the cabins, suite-type accommodations, included shore excursions, high quality linens and bathroom amenities. Some overnight in ports of call.   Many longer cruises that are better suited to the older passengers, Just simply, like a more luxurious resort or hotel, the level of service is superior.  Definitely an adult only atmosphere.


PremiumCruiseLine-Cruise andTourPlannerspng A small number of companies in this category.  Ships of various sizes, interesting ports of call with some overnights, high ratio of passengers to staff, may have some limited children’s programs, champagne on boarding, high quality service and food.  Price-wise, a step down from the Luxury brands


RoyalCarribeanCruiseLine-CruiseandTourPlannersLarger ships, more family orientated, lots of onboard activities, many places to eat, busy and active ambiance and priced for the maximum population.  Many newer ships and new builds coming all the time. Great for groups of all types with meeting room capabilities.  Generational groups with activities for all ages. 


UniWorldCruiseLine-CruiseandTourPlanners In this category you have

  • River cruises both in the US and around the world
  • Sailing vessels
  • Paddle wheelers
  • Small ships in many places around the world
  • Theme ships such as Disney Cruise Lines
  • Expedition-type ships
  • In France-self guided canal boats

Remember I am  a CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) certified professional.  I know the industry and the industry knows me!!!

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