Christmas Markets

Europe’s Christmas Markets…a Dream Come True

ChristmasSpirit-CruiseAndTourPlannersThe Christmas Markets of Europe are magical, festive and amazing…they need to be on everyone’s bucket list of must-see…must-experience. If you love the Spirit of Christmas, this is where you’ll find it. You’ll find the markets in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities, each with unique food, atomsphere and treasures.  You can enjoy them from about November 23rd through December 23rd.

There are several ways to see the Christmas Markets…An eight day cruise between Frankfurt and Nuremberg is one way. What a wonderful relaxing journey from city to city with wonderful food, accommodations, and guided sightseeing at every stop.

Another way is to visit one city and see their Markets as well as many other holiday sights.

My Magical Trip to the Christmas Market

I was so excited to be heading to Vienna in December. All the things I had read about seeing were finally going to come to pass. I was ready to begin.

ChristmasMarkets-CruiseandTourPlannersSo Much to See – So Much to Do!

From the open to close, Vienna is decorated with glittering lights, wonderful smells of mulled wine and music everywhere. The city sets up the stalls for the Market along the river.  There are booths of food, drink, hand-made ornaments, candles and lots of other wonderful things. Just perfect for an evening stroll.

LipizzanerStallion-CruiseandTourPlannersThe Lipizzaner Stallions were a MUST see for me. Even though they were not performing during this time, they did have practice sessions in the arena.  It was magical to watch these beautiful white stallions proudly prancing. The gallery seating is extremely uncomfortable on small wooden chairs, but I was so enthralled I hardly noticed that 2 hours had passed, until I tried to stand up.

Another MUST do at this time is a Mozart concert with the Viennese waltzing. We got tickets to a small theater (hard seats again!!).  These old theaters are very cold, because they don’t have central heating.  But, believe it or not, that is part of the charm.  AHHH!!  I was in heaven. We wanted to see the Vienna Boys Choir, but alas, they were on vacation during December. Well, it is hard to have everything.

Our Final Stop

The last thing we had time for was the Schonbrunn Palace.  The rich of today know nothing about luxury!! We didn’t have time to tour the Habsburg Palace but we heard their history everywhere we went.  Fascinating story!!!

We got to try weinerschnitzel, it was nothing like I thought it would be.  After about 3 nights of this, Ken needed a Big Mac. Fortunately, the underground subway station had his “fix”.  Three plain burgers later, he was happy!! We learned the subway quite fast.  Even though the language is German, you can figure it out.

Is it time to start planning your “dream come true”vacation…if not for 2018 let’s aim for 2019. It’s never to early  to begin anticipating and dreaming! Contact me,

It is time now to plan!

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