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What Will You Find in the Caribbean Islands?

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Ahhh…take me away!

What do you think of when you want that perfect place to recharge?

Warm, sunny, beautiful beaches, clear water, lots of activities, nightlife, quiet, active, and don’t forget romantic? There is something for everyone in the beautiful Caribbean.

Although the term “Caribbean” has come to mean all the way north to the Bahamas and all the way south to Aruba and from the East Coast of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea isn’t that spread out.

Come along as we talk about this region in general. In future posts we will talk about each island or island group separately.

Once a hang out for pirates, today it is home to some of the most beautiful all inclusive resorts in the world. In addition, there are a multitude of cottages, resorts, home rentals all the way from a hammock in a hut to a 5* resort.

How do you get to the Caribbean?

Many major airlines provide easy connections through San Juan, Puerto Rico. Air Jamaica offers connections through Atlanta, BWI, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, LAX, Miami, Newark, JFK, Orlando and Philadelphia. Some of the major islands are easily reached from the Southern hubs of the US. The farther North in the US you are, the longer it may take. So, relax, you are on your way to Paradise.

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Beaches: The softest, fluffiest white sand. Like powdered sugar.

If white isn’t your color, maybe black sand or pink sand would fit you better. Some are so private you may be all alone. Others are busy with lots of water sports.

Each locale is very distinct that will appeal to a different set of travelers. With more than 36 full-fledged destinations to choose from, there is clearly one for you and your family.

  • How about a hammock between 2 palm trees? 
  • How about that romantic remote beach where sunbathing is divine? 
  • How about lots of nightlife and culture? 

Bringing the family? There are places just for them. Activities such as golf, tennis, spas, hiking, sightseeing tours, scenic drives, great diving and snorkeling. It is all there, but not at all locations. You pick the activity, I’ll pick the island/resort.

Gourmet Food – it is everywhere. Fresh, innovative, fits every budget, and served in every imaginable location.

Great Fun in the Water

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Do you have a yacht? How about renting a sail boat or yacht? Then you can go at your own pace and check out every nook and cranny. Be a pirate for a week or two and look for hidden treasure. (Some has yet to be found.)

Mainly you need to talk to me, your travel professional.  I can fit your wants to the right place.

Ready to get out of the cold?

Call me and I will help you take that vacation of your dreams.

***originally published June 2012


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