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When Corporate Travel Isn’t Business As Usual

Travel Insurance - Cruise and Tour PlannersIn today’s world of employees traveling across the globe, many days can be far from “business as usual”.

Flight delays, missed connections and lost luggage have become a regular occurrence. More serious issues when traveling such as medical emergencies, natural disasters and political unrest are real concerns.

More than ever, employers are faced with the challenge of controlling costs while also protecting their employees in the event something goes wrong. How can employers balance the need of protecting their employees while still keeping an eye on the bottom line?

A company’s travel obligations

To help companies fulfill duty of care obligations, manage global risks and operate within increasingly scrutinized budgets, Cruise & Tour Planners has partnered with Travel Guard to provide your employees with 24/7 support for medical, security and emergency travel assistance services and insurance for business travelers.

Travel Guard’s Business Traveler plan provides benefits to your travelers and also helps mitigate the risk companies are exposed to by having employees who travel.

Unexpected Expenses

Additionally, it can help your company manage unexpected expenses that your employees may incur while traveling , such as:

  • The additional expense of a flight home due to an emergency
  • Assists your traveler in finding lost or delayed luggage
  • Travel Emergency - Cruise and Tour PlannersCovers medical costs and assists an employee who becomes ill or injured while traveling
  • Coordinates and covers the cost of an emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility or home
  • Executes a security evacuation plan on your employee’s behalf to get them safely home
  • Combats civil unrest in an area where your employee is traveling to get them home
  • Instant assistant to complete administrative tasks while your employee tends to important business matters

In the event that your employee’s need immediate assistance while traveling, don’t guess as to who will assist them and how much it will cost. Take advantage of Cruise & Tour Planner’s partnership with Travel Guard to manage all your employee’s risks while traveling.

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