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Booking Your Own Trip…How’s That Going For You?

BadTripPlanning-CruiseandTourPlannersDo you remember when you first dressed yourself? Or maybe you let a child dress themselves for the first time? The shoes were on the wrong feet and maybe mismatched. The shirt was backwards and maybe inside out. The pants were backwards and nothing matched. You had been so diligent to have a well-dressed child and now they go out the door looking like a clown. But that child was so proud of themselves. The clothes were on the body and that was all that mattered.

I am comparing this to booking a trip.

FrustratedTraveler-CruiseandTourPlannersYou search diligently for flights and like what you find, so book it. Now you go look for a hotel or resort. Oops!! All sold out, but you already have your air. Kind of got the “shoes on the wrong feet”? Well, you will have to take whatever you can find since no one told you it was spring break, although not from your city. Now you have arrived in a foreign city and find out to your horror the signs are in a foreign language. You thought the whole world spoke English. You can’t find your way to the train station because the streets wind around and around and change names.  So you start asking for directions and no one speaks English. This is going to be a wonderful trip and you did it all by yourself!!

More travel frustrations…

You had no idea the lines would be so long to get into the museums and galleries. But you see some people cutting the lines. How do they do this? You ask and find out they pre purchased tickets before leaving home. You had no clue.

Oh no! You just fell off the curb and think you have a broken ankle. The pain is horrible. Someone tries to get you in a cab to the hospital. After some xrays you find out you need to be sent home for surgery but your airline tickets are for 3 more days. And the hospital bill is $10,000. This trip is getting out of hand. Did you buy travel insurance?  What is that? No one told you.

You booked this trip yourself and you were telling everyone how easy it was. You were the kid with his clothes on wrong and so proud of yourself. This scenario could be avoided had you done one thing – talk to a certified travel agent. We will give you all the information to help this trip go smoother. We can’t promise you won’t fall off the curb, but we will sell you insurance to cover those costs and get you home.

Contact me and I will help you “pick out the right clothes”.

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