Best Travel Planning

What’s the Best Way to Plan Your Travel?

FocusedTravelPlanning-CruiseandTourPlannersMy recent trip to the eye doctor had me thinking that this is a lot like planning and booking travel online…

As you look at the chart through the machine and the doctor makes changes to the lenses asking “is this better-worse?”  “better one-two?”  “better here-here?”  Isn’t that the way you check hotels, destinations, packages and airline tickets online?  “Is this hotel better here or here?  Is this resort better here or here?  Which airline is better – one or two?”  And on and on.

AroundtheWorldIf you aren’t immersed in travel on a daily basis, there is no way you can know which is better – one or two.  A Certified Travel Professional can tell you whether the hotel is good or not so good.  Whether the airline routing is better here or there.  Whether this package has what you need or not.

A radically low price on a hotel could signal any one of a number of reasons: a change in management has caused major problems to the facility,  a block of rooms that are suddenly not being used will drop the price, the swimming pool is closed for renovation, the chef was replaced, or a major remodel is noisy and people aren’t booking.

Can you know all of that?  No, but I can.

Don’t take a chance with your travel dollars by booking online.  A warm hand is better than a cold screen any day.  Talk to this Granny on the Go because I’ll be helping you see the world before you leave it.


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