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Helpful Questions To Ask Your Travel Agent

AskTravelAgent-CruiseAndTourPlanners2020 wasn’t a year for a lot of travel, but 2021 looks much more hopeful for road trips, cruises, family vacations, destination travel….enjoying the world you live in!

You’re going to want to start planning, so that when the time is right, you will be prepared for that wonderful trip. Probably the best way to plan smart is to consult with a professional, someone you trust, someone with great experience, someone who will look out for your best interest…an expert travel agent.

No matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are, a good travel agent can help you get the most out of your vacation. A good travel agent will:

  • Help you find great deals…that’s what they do!
  • Be on the other end of the phone should something go wrong during your trip.
  • Be aware of great destinations and great activities.
  • Will go above and beyond to make sure your vacation is the best, because they know you have other options to book your travel.

Questions You Should Ask Your Travel Agent…

QuestionsForTravelAgent-CruiseAndTourPlannersHiring a travel agent is an important decision, you’re entrusting into their hands, your finances, safety and your experience, so it’s important to ask the right questions before you hire anyone.

  1. Ask for references, reviews and/or testimonials. You’ll want to know that they have good history with previous clients.
  2. Ask if their agency specializes in any particular kinds of travel, such as cruises, wedding destinations or corporate travel…that will help you understand where their expertise is.
  3. Ask how long the agency has been in business.
  4. Ask what inspired them to become a travel agent.
  5. Have they been to the destination you’re interested in before? If they have a personal knowledge, they will have helpful tips they can share with you.
  6. Has the agency booked travel to your desired destination before? This is the next best thing to having traveled there themselves, because if there were problems or complications, they will have knowledge of them.
  7. Ask if there are better times of year to travel to your destination? Certain times of year could be more expensive, more crowded or have worse weather.
  8. TravelDocuments-CruiseAndTourSpecialistsWhat travel documents will be needed for your trip? Different countries sometimes require different documents. Knowing in advance will give you time to get everything needed put together.
  9. Ask if there are activities or excursions that are included in your booking.
  10. Are there any “hidden” fees that might surface while on your trip that could throw your budget off?
  11. What is the agency’s policy on refunds?
  12. Does the agency offer travel insurance, and what does it include?
  13. In case of any unforeseen problems while on your trip, is there an emergency number you can call for assistance?

I am a seasoned traveler and travel agent…I love to give personal service, and be the warm hands you hold from the beginning to the end of your trip.

Contact me, together we can plan an awesome vacation.

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