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Next stop- Athens, Greece

The Parthenon in Athens - Cruise and Tour Planners

Yesterday in Ephesus was amazing.  Our trip has been so wonderful.  And now we are off to another ancient place-Athens, Greece.

We pick up our private coach and driver at the port of Piraeus   This is where you would catch ferries to the multitude of islands off the coast of Greece.  The month is October and the weather is warm but not hot.  This is the best time to come here because the crowds, smog and heat are gone.  If you come between Nov. 1 and May 1, the island are closed.  It gets cold here.  They even ski not far from the city.

The streets of Athens…

Passing through the streets of Athens we are quickly made aware of the changes that Greece has gone through in recent months.  Refugees from all parts of Africa and beyond are coming here in droves.  There is definitely a major problem here.

Ancient Theatre Athens - Cruise and Tour Planners

Our first stop is the Ancient Theatre.  This is still used today for all kinds of events.  Seems most ancient cities have the same designs.  Next we arrive at the

National Archaeological Museum.  Greece loves her antiquities so much that modern improvements are often delayed for long periods of time while the findings are studied.  We spent considerable time here as our guide was very knowledgeable in this Antiquities in Athens - Cruise and Tour Plannershistory.  But there is a lot more to see and our time is rushing by.  Traffic is horrible and a motor coach has problems navigating.

Now we arrive at the base of the hill that holds the ruins of the Parthenon.  There are nice paths to climb the hill so off we go.  This area is always under reconstruction and change.  Much of the ruins have been rebuilt.  The views of Athens are vast and amazing.  We spend time here because this is the main focus of Ancient Greece.  At night the area is lighted and looks like their shrine on the hill.

Shopping and dining are high on the list in Athens.  The Plaka is a huge area covering many blocks.  You could spend days just poking into all of it.  Great for people watching.  In the evenings the taverns crank up the music, food and drink and it is party time.  Love the Greek food.  Amazing how the Greeks can stay up so late and still work all day.

Now we are back in traffic and heading for the port and our beautiful ship

Leaving Athens - Cruise and Tour Planners

Brilliance of the Seas.

Many interesting place in and out of Athens.

This is a “must see” city whether for a day or more,  I can help you.


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