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How To Have A Smoother Trip Through Airport Security

AirportSecurity-CruiseAndTourPlamnersI have never heard anyone say…”I can’t wait to go through airport security,” rather I hear something like “I dread going through airport security!” The linesthe pat downs…taking off your shoes and emptying your bags…it’s all so inconvenient.

Going to the airport used to be exciting and enjoyable, but gone are the days when friends and relatives could see you off at the gate or meet you as you stepped off the plane, and it didn’t really matter what was in your carry on.

But in today’s world, airport security is a necessity if we want to have the safety it provides us…it’s a part of our travel experience. So, rather than fight it, we can make it easier by being prepared to not only comply with the rules, but also to make it easier on ourselves.

Be ready for screening before you get to the airport…

  • Dress simple and comfortable and wear as little metal as possible to avoid setting off the alarms.
  • If you must carry liquids or gels such as shampoo or lotion, don’t bring it in containers that hold more than 3.4 oz., larger containers will be seized and discarded. If you like carrying a reusable water bottle with you, make sure it’s empty before going through security, and then fill it once you have been cleared. Travel sized containers are the perfect size, and need to fit in a clear plastic 1-qt plastic bag.
  •  Do not carry items that could be used as weapons such as, pocket knives, box cutters, or sharp scissors.

Tips to make your screening go smoother…

There are things you must do and things you can do to make your time with TSA go smoother…

  • Arrive in plenty of time to go through security without stress…if you end up being at the airport a little longer than necessary, once you’ve passed through security, find a coffee or snack shop and relax for a little while.
  • We all know we’re going to have to take off our shoes, plan ahead and wear easy off and on shoes…slip ons would be ideal, if possible. You might think sandals would be the perfect shoe, but that leaves you walking barefoot on dirty airport floors. So be sure to wear socks.
  • PassportBoardingPass-CruiseAndTourPlannersAvoid shuffling through your purse or wallet for your ID…have your Driver’s’ License, or Passport and boarding pass readily available, and keep them available until you have completed security. The people behind you will thank you for not holding up the line.
  • When possible, remove the items, such as belts, watches, keys, excess change from your pocket, that will need to be placed in a bin on the conveyor belt. You can even remove your shoes ahead of time.
  • Before getting in the line, put everything including your purse and wallet, in your carry on so you don’t have to put it in the coin cup. If you have a jacket with pockets, put everything in there and put it in your carry on.
  • If you have a cpap or apap machine, put it in your carry on to minimize your hand carry bags.  It will have to come out to be scanned.  Put the mask, cords and hose in a gallon zip lock bag.  Make sure the agent doesn’t touch anything without gloves.
  • You can pack your medicines in your carry on, click on this link for information from the TSA on traveling with meds.
  • Your laptop will need to be removed from your luggage and put in it’s own separate bin to go through x-ray…have it easily accessible so you don’t have to dig through your bag to find it. If it’s in a case, it will need to be removed, unless it’s in a TSA approved case.
  • If you fly frequently, get your “Global Entry” number so you can bypass all the hassle unless there is a incident of some kind you they make everyone get screened.
  • Be respectful to TSA agents, they may not be your friend, but they are also not your enemy. Their job is to protect you and all the other passengers. Along with being respectful, it’s not appropriate to joke about bombs or national security; although it’s not illegal to do so, these are very serious subjects and should never be joked about.
  • No matter how you prepare or what you do, there is the chance you may be pulled from the line for further screening…the key to getting cleared quicker is to be cooperative and polite.

Well you have cleared security, and with these tips, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been…take a deep breath, relax, head to your gate and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Now that you know how to minimize the trauma of airport security, are you ready to start planning a trip?

I am a seasoned traveler and travel agent… Contact me, together we can plan an awesome vacation.

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