Ahh For the Spa

Love Being Pampered?  Enter the Spa Vacation…

Spa Vacation - Cruise and Tour Planners

There are 2 types of spa facilities:

  1. The Destination Spa
  2. The Hotel/Resort Spa

The concept of the Destination Spa is not new.  Some have been in business for decades and are doing very well.  This is a total immersion experience.  The serene and orderly world of healthy food, fitness activities, spa treatments, and many learning opportunities make this escape a total body, mind, and spirit experience.  Often the locations are out of the way which gives the guests time to unwind, refocus, and rejuvenate.

What can you expect from a spa vacation?

Many places in the United States, Canada and Mexico have Destination Spas to fit every need, budget and age.   So what will you find at these properties?

  • Total body cleansing.  The food, clothing, bedding, and environment make for a full healing process.  Your body can rebuild itself if given the correct fuel to do that.
  • All the water fitness programs such as Ai Chi, Aqua Plus, Interval Power, Twinges and Hinges, Waterworks and Water Pilates.  A pool is a great place to build strength and endurance.
  • Outdoor activities clear your mind and allow you to enjoy new sights, sounds and smells.  Bike riding, jogging, hiking/trekking, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding, tennis, golf, pools/saunas, and even just sitting on a rock and taking in the beauty of the landscape.
  • Healthy Spa Cuisine - Cruise and Tour PlannersSpa cuisine.  Many properties have their own organic gardens.    Take some cooking classes, taste some new award winning meals.
  • Fitness centers and sports courts make up a large part of some of these properties.  Some have trainers on staff.
  • Locations are varied.  Some are in the desert area, mountains, by lakes or oceans.  Pick a new place and go explore
  • The spa services – massage, wraps, special therapies, facials, weight loss programs and total pampering

Where can you find a good spa vacation?

The Hotel/Resort Spa incorporates some of the above into their hotel properties.  Many of these include couples in all their programs and have added a romantic theme.  Even weddings and honeymoon can be included in the spa atmosphere making this a  very romantic get away.

Now you can find hotels and resorts nearly all over the world.  Go to a warm and sunny place, if you live in a cold and dreary place.   The range of prices is endless.

Cruise ship spa - Cruise and Tour Planners

Besides the hotel/resort, you can include cruise ships.  Many are now increasing their spa and fitness centers.  You find whole areas of the ship dedicated to these facilities including spa cuisine on all the menus.  Some ships have a “spa” food area by itself for daytime meals.  They even have thassalotherapy pools.  Some ships are complimentary and some have a charge.  Most ships have fully staffed spas and trainers on board.

Just try one and make a difference in your health and  productivity.

Call me to help you find your fit.

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