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Eat and Be Eaten…the Law of Wildlife Africa

Dinner time in Africa - Cruise and Tour Planners

Dinner time

My first trip to Kenya, West Africa, was a feast for the senses.  No matter where we went, every sight was like a dream come true.

After breakfast the first morning in Nairobi, we are off in our safari vehicles.  Not long after leaving the huge teeming city with it’s noise, pollution, and crowds, we pull over to the side of the road.

Our driver/guide pops the top of the minivan and WE ARE ON AN AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARI!!!  A cheer goes up.

Not far along the road we spot our first zebra.  A cry goes out “A ZEBRA! A ZEBRA! STOP! STOP!!!”.

With a smile, our guide obliges us and out come the cameras.  Little did we suspect that 10 days later, we would pass herds of zebra and not one word would be spoken, unless there were babies kicking up their heels and playing.   And so the adventure begins.

A leopard on the prowl in Africa

A leopard on the prowl

Miles and miles of beige grass and one would never know there was anything out there.  But a twitch of an ear or swish of a tail and our guide is off the road exploring all the sights that we can’t see.

As we stop to watch prides of lions, herds of elephants, sleeping cheetahs, birds of every description and on and on, not a sound can be heard from us.

We can sit for an hour and watch mamma lions with cubs and no one hardly breathes, let alone talks.

A surprise overhead… 

Suddenly the guide says, sit down, and off he goes over boulders, rocks, grass and anything else in the way.  We have no idea what he has seen until he stops under the only Acacia tree for miles around and there hanging over a branch is a sleeping leopard!!!

Meeting the Maasai

Meeting the Maasai in Africa - Cruise and Tour Planners
The Maasai

One day driving along we see this very tall African man wrapped in orange and red with a stick in his hand and a herd of cattle.

So excited, I asked, “Is that a Maasai?”  “Yes”, says the guide and I am beside myself.  By the end of the trip, I have met many personally and learned about their culture. Fascinating! We were also able to visit their villages and crawl into their dung covered huts.

Take a “trip on the wild side” and visit East Africa.  Call me for more exciting details of how and when to go.

Don’t leave the world until you have seen Africa. 



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